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Default Digital versus analog

One of the main reasons of me going digital is of course the comfort of no longer being obliged to go to the shop to have your film developed.All of the selfmade prints that I've seen show one particular,irritating characteristic,wich distinguishes them from "real" pictures:very thin lines.Anybody that knows what type of printer does not show this characteristic or how to avoid it in other ways?
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Default printers

i have a canon s600 and VERY HAPPY with the quality. its discontinued now...but new models that are even better have replaced it. i like the new 9000! the best thing about canons is u can replace the ink when each color runs out...instead of throwing away the whole cartridge with other colors still full.

each ink cart for my s600 is about $10 avg...but www.printcountry.com has them for about $6!!! excellent ink for the moeny...no problems at all...have also used this company for a EPSON 3000 (each color retails $60! they have them for $12!)

i have always preferred Epsons due to their smaller dot size...but have to admit the canons are better and faster! and cheaper operating cost! they blend colors really welll...that way u don't get the banding u r alking about. banding occurs when using modes such as draft (fast) and/or nozzles are clogged and do not drop any ink...so u have a line.

the epson c80 is a great printer...but ink carts much higher than canons..and the inks are waterproof and last a lot longer...but colors are bland and do not pop like the other inkjets. great printer...wrong ink combo.

there newer printers should be great too..haven't checked them out lately...and i am happy with Canon now.

desktop RGB laser (or LED) developer photo printers are right around the corner! based on the technology of the LightJet 5000. ($250,000!).
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Default Printer "banding" in images

I have a Hewlett-Packard and ran into this problem under three conditions:
Not setting the print quality at the highest settings in the printer's ADVANCED menu, and one refilled cartridge I purchased at a sale. I bought two of these refills. The second one does NOT exhibit this problem. Lastly, if you do not ALIGN the cartridges properly using the printer's cartridge setup program (not sure if all printers have this: HP does).
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I've got quite fed up of banding probs on my Epson. I don't use the printer much, hence jet clog, and spend too long getting it right. Any body tried the dye subs? Gather the media is expensive but colour looks good. I hope inkjet users are using archival inks. I left a normal ink print in the sun once and it disappeared after a few hours!
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Default inks

MOST inkjet printers use low cost DYE inks... they do not last long at all outside...not meant to be outdoors. Actually prints should be protected even for indoors. DYE inks have a large color gamut though. basically encompass quite a bit of colors such as bright green.

PIGMENT inks are better for durability. But sacrifice color gamut....smaller color gamut. but not that bad. PIGMENT inks are usually available for high end digital printers that do wide format. and can print on various "coated" materials such as vinyl, banner cloth, etc. (i think the EPSON C80 uses pigment inks "Durabrite"...they are waterproof and last a long time...but noticed the colors were VERY bland...took the printer back and got a canon s600).

dye sub have a even smaller gamut than both of these and are hard to calibrate consistantly due to how dye sub works. something to do with heat changing the color.
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