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bernabeu wrote:
'pros' WILL upgrade

the 7000 will become the backup

The reality is that most "pros" don't use the S7000, most pros use a dslr. You seem to make a lot of assumptions about what people will or will not do and what they do or do not use. Photography is an extremely individual thing, people will use what they like or are familar with and gives them acceptable results. Not everyone rushes out to buy the new "flavor of the month" camera as soon as it is released, many will wait until they have a problem with their current camera or they have truly outgrown it. How about contributing something constructive to this thread if you truly want to participate.

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I saw this thread and wanted to put in my two cents worth.

You may not always be able to use something like that Vivitar 285 shooting a wedding. Flash may not be allowed at some ceremonies.

Yes, you can do higher ISO speeds with some of the Fuji models compared to most other non-DSLR cameras. But, they aren't as clean as a DSLR (and a DSLR can go higher if you really need to).

Since you already have a Maxxum 7000 and Minolta AF lenses, why not get the new Konica-Minolta 5D if you're interested in doing this on a regular basis (shooting weddings)?

It's got built in anti-shake, so your lenses would be stabilized (and it's hard to think of a better purpose for this compared to trying to shoot a wedding ceremony without a flash from a distance). What if the minister wants you to shoot from the further aisles, won't allow flash during the ceremony, etc.? You'd need to be prepared to do so (perhaps even competing with guests trying to get the same shots). Anti-Shake would sure be high on my list of desired features if I were shooting weddings professionally.

This camera just started shipping in the U.S.at a price of $799 (and I've seen it selling for less at an online vendor). All of your lenses (including bright primes) would then be stabilized, while still giving you the benefit ofhigher ISO speeds.

Better yet, get a 7D for a little more (it's got a sync port for an external flash, larger buffer size, etc.). Then, use your old Vivitar 285 with it. You might be able to find an adapter of some type to let you use it on a 5D, too (I remember seeing a part number in a recent thread somewhere to make it a standard hotshoe).

Since you already have a Minolta 35mm system, a Konica-Minolta DSLR forprofessional use would seem likea great choice to me (at a relatively low entry price).

You could use bothyour Fuji and the new DSLR (you may find one better suited in some areas compared to the other, especially considering depth of field differences). You could also bring that old Maxxum 35mm along (sharing lenses between it and the 5Dfor different perspectives of the same shots).
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the 7000 is ALMOST a pro grade camera

it is useable but has poor low light focusing capabilities

the manual focus is a 'fly by wire' type requiring the center magnification box for accuracy (a slow awkward procedurefor hand held work)

(i do own a 7000 and it has a GREAT lens and SUPERB macro capabilities)

the 9000 (i think) has much much better low light auto focus (infra red assist?) and mechanical zoom (and MF) capability

the 7000COULD be used for 'pro' work, but, imo, the 9000 WILL be used by pros

for my work i use a KM 7D with the 7000 as back-up

see attached 7000 macro

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JimC Thanks for the response, I realize you favour the KM models, I am still somewhat in the air over this but I am still leaning toward the Pentax.

Thanks everyone for the responses, I will continue to use the S7000 but will probably have a DSLR as a primary camera within a year.

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Here is a sample of my work, and my wife's, http://aicphotography.tripod.com/index.htm. The images here were taken with a variety of cameras but mainly the Fuji 2800Z (yes, only 2MP) and the Fuji S7000 (at 6MP N, resolution). Enjoy, and please feel free to comment by email.

Thanks to everyone who has responded to this post.

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