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I've read a lot of good comments about 36500FD but rarely about the usability of the face detection function. Can any user share with me how well FD is?

Actually I'm looking for a camera for shooting kids photos, you know they move very fast that my current FX01 sometimes is not fast enough to catch the golden moment.

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It does work. I would not buy the S6000 just for that feature though. I get the same great results without the FD on.
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It works great! I use it all the time when I'm taking pictures of my wife and son. As long as they are facing the camera, it tracks them VERY quickly.

That said, if you're a camera enthusiast as it is, and you know the ins and outs of photography, you probably won't find much use in it.
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FD does work, but as digraph has said, the perosn needs to be facing the camera. FD has zero effect on moving kids, IMO. However, the S6000/6500 is still the best superzoom camera for what you want, because of it's high-ISO capability.

Check out the "Newbie Help" forum and you will see some pics of a child moving around, taken with the S6000. Even though I didn't necessarily use the best camera settings, the photos were still quite legible.
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Thanks a lot for all of your inputs. S6500FD drawn my attention because of:

1) 28mm wide angle + super zoom

2) high ISO capability

3) FD

I used to take 35mm film photos seriously (especially when travelling), but had adapted bad habbit of taking digital photos in a very casual way, because of instant playback function and no cost (film development & printing time and cost) forpoor shots (except lossing the golden moments). As such, hoping high ISO + FD would help to shoot clean and clear pictures.

By the way, I've a touch and feel of this camera in a shop earlier today, pretty impressive, especially the lens' zoom ring (after using Contax G2 with some fixed focal length lenses for years). But as you all mentioned that FD works best when people are facing the camera. Properly I would need some more test shots to convince myself whether FD is really my need, or the first 2 reasons are already good enough to justify the investment.
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