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I first tried the s9000 in the middle of May and had my own by the beginning of June. I've been working, trying to get to know the camera, and know I still have a long way to go. Here are a couple of albums of pics, if anyone is interested, that I've taken the past couple of weekends. These files were resized quite a bit to post and I'm not sure they're good enough to get feedback but if you want to comment and give me some advice, I'll take it to heart.

http://flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/sets/

And the following are on a site that needs registration for but I promise no spam if you're interested in checking them out:


(The first album in this list had poor lighting conditions and I forgot to bring my tripod and hate using a flash so I know they're not great.)


Looking forward to many fun hours with my camera and sharing how I view the world.
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ShavaSue, I quite fancied this camera and took my XD card to my store to try some shots to bring them home and view the.

I used 'P' mode but have no idea what other settings deep within the menu were set at. The day was overcast. When i viewed the images at home on the monitor, they were poor - I cannot believe that the cam (and the good reputation of Fuji) were at fault - soit was probablya combination of me and wrong settings.

Did you experience this sort of thing and did you have to 'learn' how to geta good image - i note other comments on other forums suggest this.

I was put off by the pictures i took, but I would really like to give this cam a go.
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Yes, it definitely is a camera that I'm still learning on and have had it since the beginning of June. I expect to be learning for a long time. I have a friend who has a lot of photographic experience, mostly with SLRs. She's been a tremendous help to me in learning what I'm doing.

It's not a point-n-shoot camera. Take time to read the manual when you can and as much as you can about basic photographic principles or find a class at your local tech school. You'll be fine.

Good luck,
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It has been said in many different threads in many different forums that most screens are not capable of adequately displaying the 9 MP images from this camera. If you want to see the real quality, try printing an 8x10 of one of your images. The S9000 does take some getting used to. I like using aperture preferred auto, and for a lot of my shooting and I like using a -1/3 EV compensation, and sometimes even more. This camera is one that you need to learn how to use and how to adapt it to your style the shooting. I had to do quite a bit of experimenting before I started to consistently get the quality of images I was expecting.
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