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mtclimber Mar 17, 2008 7:14 PM


Good Luck to you especially on this St. Patrick's Day! Vivitar lenses come from a wide variety of suppliers. I hope that you got one of the good ones, my friend.

Sarah Joyce

Dan Keefe Mar 23, 2008 4:36 PM

I wonder if anyone can tell me what I now own?

I have a Fujifilm S-800 camera (at least that is what is says on the box) and for some reason when I send a picture via Email most of the time it does not arrive with the Email.

Is is my camera or my Email setup?

Also, why can I never find any reference to the S-800 model on any website? I have gone to the Fujifilm website and found nothing.

Dan Keefe

Vista, CA

Barry in Dallas Mar 23, 2008 4:43 PM

Maybe it's because it's basically an s700 with one extra megapixel and not worth re-reviewing it. nothing else is different about it. the s700 also retains it's value, I sold mine two weeks ago for almost as much as I paid for it last August


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