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Cwood Jan 5, 2006 4:20 PM

Getting ready to order a s5200 and I have read that the flash is a little on the weak side. Is there a External flash (Slave.)you guys would recommend that works good with the s5200?


coldshot Jan 6, 2006 9:39 PM


You want toextend the onboard flash of the S5200 with some slave unit, I suggest that you reconsider this camera and buy the S9000 with full feature external flash capabilities, the sync speed is very high. To set up the S5200using a second flash is a pain, I don't think you like it after a few photo shoots. The S9000 responds well with external flash pictures direct/bouce/fill. A very challenging camera to own, the more you use it the more you find out the good things aboutthe S9000by curiosity or by accident with a certain lighting condition or a certain subject. I believe you have a solid skill using flash technique, why not bypass the S5200, buy the S9000 instead, the price difference is not much.Just in case you've already ordered the S5200 based on a particular feature or personal preference, in any case you also need a flash bracket. The slave unit I reccomend is the Sunpak Slave Unit Auto Slave System #651-751, it's a tube shape unit. I like its sensitive indoor/outdoor use, plus it includes in the box two wires, one for Vivitar and one for Sunpak flash. Check the latest price and availibility at B&H.

Cwood Jan 6, 2006 9:52 PM

Thanks for the reply Coldshot. I really considered the S9000, but there seems to be alot of quality issues with the S9000. The problems with the S9000 scared me off:OMaybe I'll check again, but there just to seems to be more people happy with the S5200 then the S9000. I would rather get the S9000. Maybe some of the owners of the S9000 will chime in here and help me change my mind...:G

newdiamond Jan 6, 2006 9:58 PM

I just got a new external flash for my S9000 from Adorama, it is a cracker jack unit and really works nice. I'll post a thorough review after I've learned how to use it properly and can do some test photos.

As for the quality of the 9000, just remember that everyone who has a 9000 and has had no problems isn't posting about it, you are only hearing about the few with problems...

Cwood Jan 6, 2006 10:10 PM

Reviews like this one scared me off:

Maybe I received a lemon but this is the worst digital camera I've even owned. I've owned 4 Fuji Digital Cameras to date and this WAS the 5th. From the moment I took the first picture I noticed the image quality was way off.

I have a Fuji E550 and it took better picture that the S9000. I called Fuji Support line thinking I was doing something wrong and they could not figure it out. I had to return the camera. All this after selling my Fuji S7000. What a stupid move that was. I thought I was upgrading but in fact I did a super down grade.

Like I said maybe I received a lemon. The image quality was not sharp at all. The edges were dull, the color was not vivid like the S7000. Focusing indoors was extremely slow. I love taking picture of my 21month old son and I couldn't enjoy the grainy images. The flash was useless. I tried everything. I read the manual cover to cover trying to figure it out, but I couldn't. I did love the way the camera was setup but that's it. Fuji's Support line asked me to do a number of things but none of them worked. Closeup / Long range / full Zoom nothing looked good.

Man what a disappointment, a $548.95 disappointment. Even my wife said the pictures were awful. She said "wasn't this suppose to be an upgrade?" I told her "I thought the same thing".

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