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adamsc57 Jun 4, 2010 4:25 AM

F-stop vs Speed
Hi all,

I am heading to Africa in August/Sept and doing lots of morning and afternoon/evening safaries. I am looking to purchase a new camera for this holiday (currently have a FinePix S5600). I have been recommended the new FinePix HS10, because of its great wide and zoom abilities, its low noise at high ISO levels, and inbuilt HD video.

Someone suggested today that this camera will probably suffer from blurring at high zoom levels because of the high F-stops up near F-11, which will require a longer exposure time. As I will not be using a tripod (hopefully a tree branch or something will be around??) is this likely to be a big issue? Depends on my ability to hold the camera still I guess!

The original salesman suggests that at full zoom the camera is likely to be at F-5.6 which is good. I can dial up to F-11 if I want to.

I usually use Spot Focus when taking annals, birds, etc to ensure they look as good as possible.

Hoping someone can help...


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