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Default F401 any thoughts?

I am in the process of evaluating several digitals at home to see which I want to keep (others get returned). I just dont have confidence in professional reviewers, simply because they dont have the time to spend a lot of time with the cameras to truly determine how they perform.

The cameras in my lineup

Sony DSC-P72 - determined to be terribel low light performer, and often even in sunlight makes bad decisions on ISO that lead to many blurred photos. Slow recharge between flash use.

Canon A60 - Seems to be good low light performer, makes good choices on settings. A little large for me. But otherwise seems great.

Fuji F401 - Only had a day, but seems to take great photos. Does OK in low light, not as good as the Canon. Movies look good, but only 10fps. Fast as hell! Even with flash recharge it shoots every 3-4sec. You guys have any thoughts on this one?
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The FinePix F401 is my 3rd Digital cam. Takes great pictures, I use it as my pocket cam. I have others for sports etc. I have not figured out how to keep the file names from reverting back to 001 each time I transfer the pics to the computer. My other camers work fine with this. Even when using different media the number system keeps going so you never have two pics with the same name. Olympus even has a date convention in the file name so you can have 9999 pictures each day, and never have two pics with the same name. I would NOT buy the FUJI for this reason alone. It is a major hassel. If someone shows me how to change the settings to keep the numbers from re-setting, I would have a different view. One of the main benefits of going digital is taking lots & lots of pics. The nameing problem makes this a chore with this camera.
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Default asked Fuji and file numbering cannot be changed

I was so flustered I called Fuji and they said that on that camera the numbering system cannot be changed!! They said that they got so many complaints that the newer F410 went back to the old numbering system they used, it just keeps counting up, until reset.

I actually took the camera back for two reasons,

1) To many blurry pictures! Same problems as other point and shoots, in Auto mode it does a crappy job of choosing ISO equivalents, especially in sunlight.

2) the numbering system. Though if you use the Fuji software it will batch rename the files as they download to a date format.

I am now going to try the Canon S230, small and I hear has the same 'brains' as the A60 and the other more expensive cameras.
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Default oh, I should add also

I should also add a 3rd reason for returning the F401 was that it had a noticable shutter lag. I like to say that I use the camera to capture life as it happens, no posed shots here, and I noticed that all the shots I ended up with were not the shots I thought I took. I paid more attention then when shooting and it does have a very noticable shutter lag, causing far to many 'missed' shots.
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