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I would like to know if someone that reads this forum has had a similar problem. I bought a FUJI F700 digital camera from Wolf dealer s/n 33A17252 at Dadeland mall Miami,Fl. justone and a half month ago. I fell in love with it for its announced features and looks, and a very nice price!! I used my camera twice since the time of purchase, and took no more than 12 snapshots in total. I live in South America.

I tried to take some snapshots of my family's Christmas reunion this year and found out that the camera did not allow pictures to be taken , and gave a focus error message.on top of that, the lens zoom system refuses to retract on power off. I found a couple of messages in other forums stating similar issues with the same camera brand and model. Maybe that issue has been correcte in a more recent model...I don't know , butI am alerting people not to fall into faulty camera designs and pay a price for being beta testers. I think that we need to look for a company and caamera's reputation before we throw our hard earned money into their hands.

Thank You.
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I also have a fuji f700 (Dec 04). I can't get it to download onto my pc anymore. Twice yesterday it crashed my machine, just by attaching the USB. I have a 2 month old lap top with a corrupt hard disc, awaiting repair, and now wonder if the camera caused this, asI had loaded no other software. I have had very odd blurry/watery pictures and assumed it was my incompetence, now I read that there is a serious problem with the model. It is going back to the shop on Saturday. No more Fuji cameras for me.
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Debrab123 wrote:
assumed it was my incompetence, now I read that there is a serious problem with the model. It is going back to the shop

When you cannot have a simple thing like a digicam and the software to get pictures on a PC working, never only assume it's you being incompetent but always also assume it's bad design.

You would be surprised the number of products being launched with major faults.

The biggest the company is, the biggest the faults are and the most pathetic the manufacturer's answers are.

I have seen very big faults or incorrect statements with Epson so-called "Smart Panel" for scanner software, Sony software for fingerprint recognition, Norton making misleading statements on package...

The sad thing is that the reseller would always defend the product and assume that his customer is dumb. Even other customers would prefer not to admit they bought a badly designed product and would taunt you because you cannot make it working.

See other thread on exactly same problem with same manufacturer, same camera:


Interesting as I was nearly ready to buy the new Fuji S9000 Zoom.

I have 2 Canon today, Reflex film and Canon Powershot S30 digital. Canon software is completely useless but at least my digicam works very well with other 3rd party software and the hardware is very robust.

Same with my Reflex film camera Canon EOS 500 N, very robust.

I have heard Canon was overpriced compared to Fuji. Well, maybe. But at least, I have never had such basic problems.

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