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I had no plan to test before hand and took these just at random so the image has very slight variance in shutter speed.

First Image DR100 - P Mode, F/3.2, 1/75, ISO800, No Flash

Second Image DR400 - P Mode, F/3.2, 1/70, ISO800, No Flash

There are many places in the image where the DR can be seen to work beautifully

Some 100% Crop


DR400 in work + See the detail at the top right.




Did you see the details captured in the DR400 2nd Crop. Shadows are much detailed, something I haven't seen in P&S cam at such high ISO atleast

Now with some Neat Image the pic quality can be improved without much blur.

Haven't got much time yet to play with the cam in daytime. As of now this cam rocks in low light
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Greetings, thank you all for information and impressions. Until this week I used (about 5 years) my workhorse Konica Minolta Z10, I was very happy with it, zoom, fast, but big..., so I needed more compact P&S camera. I planned to buy Canon SX200, but delayed to buy. Then now, when I have to get back to my hometown, I decided to leave my Z10 to my parents, and buy the new one. Earlier I did some comparisons and so on, so last weeks I was interesting into market and saw very good thing like F70, and I was impressed, that around half year ago, it was the main competitor in my list against SX200 (or 100 at that time). But anyway, I have it already few days, I made some experiments, bad, that I'm lack of time, but later I will post more expressions. First, I would like to show 3 pictures, one with DR 800, other with DR 200, the last one with DR 400 and Velvia. The pictures of chair.
DR 800:

DR 200:

DR 400 Vivid colors:

As you can see, the nicest looks the DR 800

Also I'm looking for threshold, in which situations (shutter speed, ISO, exposure..) I would avoid blurred photos. In Z10 it was ~ 1/150.

Also my question, I very enjoy photographing sunsets. Z10 (I think suited for that very well), but now, when I tried with F70, I was little bit disappointed. Could it be, that the sensor is too wide and too much light is coming ? I posted three pictures, first is from Minolta Dimage Z10 1/2000 and F8.0, other two: the EXR DR 800 and automatical sunset mode. What parameters I should use to get something similar as Z10 ? I tried lower exposure to max, max aperture, shutter speed, but the photos looks too bright.


EXR D800 ( the zoom doesn't help):

Auto sunset mode (how do they do that ? I tried all possibilities to reduce the light, vivid colors but none):

Thank You very much and greetings from very hot south Austria

edit: in EXR mode F70 doesn't focus the sun, I need to focus in some trees, then point to sun, with auto mode, focus works.

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