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welfaredog Mar 3, 2003 6:39 PM

finepix 3800 or powershot a40 ??

I am looking for a quality digital point and shoot that has a reasonable price tag. I have narrowed down my choices to either the fuji finepix 3800 ($599 Canadian) or the canon powershot a40 ($399 Canadian). I understand that the fuji has 3.1 MP and a 6X optical zoom compared to the powershot's 2.0 MP and 3X zoom, but how about picture quality ???

anyone have an opinion on which one is better ?

thanx !

cabasse Mar 5, 2003 3:17 PM

Newbie here too into urban photgraphy. I'm very interested in night photography of cityscapes and distant skylines. I love the zoom and TTL viewfinder on the 3800, but from what I've read and seen of sample shots, it doesn't do well in dark light. I don't understand this - shutter speed duration is as long as 3 seconds! I have a friend (registered as urbanphotos here) with a Sony P31 and the max his can do is 2 seconds, yet it takes beautiful night pictures. (in my opinion) I would expect daytime picture quality of the two to be similar... If nobody here stops me, I'm ordering the 3800 on pricegrabber for 299 this weekend.

MentorRon Mar 6, 2003 1:37 AM

Neither the 3800 or A40 is "better". Each is "different". The Fuji has an EVF, 6X zoom and limited manual settings. The A40 has an optical finder, 3X zoom and many manual settings. The 3800 goes down to 3 secs but the A40 goes to 15 secs. The finder is more precise on the 3800 and shows some camera settings, but becomes less and less visible as the light levels reduce. The 3800 tends to slightly underexpose and may lose some shadow detail, while the A40 slightly overexposes and tends to blow out highlights. They each reproduce reds differently: the 3800 is warmer; the A40 cooler. The 3800 does a bit more in-camera sharpening; you can do this in post-processing for the A40. The A40 has more functions as buttons; the 3800 puts some of these in menus. The A40 has a low light focus assist lamp; the 3800 does not.

Melboz99 Mar 24, 2003 11:04 PM


Originally Posted by cabasse
If nobody here stops me, I'm ordering the 3800 on pricegrabber for 299 this weekend.

The camera now goes for $336 on that site.

I'm looking for cameras of similar price, and I have found the Olympus C4000 to have more features.

The Oly has: 4.0 megaapixels, a super macro down to 1 inch, good noise reduction, external flash terminal, 1/1000-16sec shutter delay, ISO of 100/200/400, can save in TIFF, tons of other stuff. The only downside is that it takes Smartmedia, and nothing else.

Oh, and the newer Olympus cameras can be fully controlled by a computer. This allows for things like time-lapse photography and such.

If I had the money I would have bought it by now. It got the rating of best digicam for under 500$ at PC World. It sells for 310$ at pricegrabber :)

ardvark50 Mar 24, 2003 11:34 PM

What about the s414 or the a70? s414 is about 400 american retail and should be much cheaper on pricegrabber and the a70 is 350 retail and should be much cheaper on pricegrabber. The s414 is 4 mp and the a70 is 3mp. Both can accept additional lenses so I wouldn't worry about the fuji's 6x being so much better and both have iso 100-400 ratings instead of fuji's 100.

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