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chimp Jan 1, 2003 7:50 AM

Finepix s602z
Hi All
I am thinking of buying a Fuji Finepix S602z camera and i wanted to ask your advice on a couple of things.

What do you all think of the camera?
Is 3.1 Mega Pixels enough for printing out excellent 6x4 & 8x10 photos?

What is the quality of the pictures that it produces in different situations, i.e. Portrait, landscape, night etc.

I love the look and feel to this camera. I have tried a Finepix 6900 and that was a superb camera.

I am trying to choose between the Fuji s602 and the Olympus C-5050. (I know the Olympus is 5mp. Just need some advice)

Any help / advice would be very much appreciated indeed.
Happy new year to you all. :)

voxmagna Jan 1, 2003 8:19 AM

I have a 602z. which I'm very happy with. If you will be doing bigger prints frequently, higher res. for image capture will always win. BUT many other factors come to play like low light options, features and ease of use are just as important. I don't know how the prices compare, but if $$$'s are no object, you could buy the highest res. cam with the fastest lens you can afford.

If 300dpi real photoprints are your yardstick, then 3Mpix will do 6x5/8x5 at similar quality levels. For 10x8, 3Mpix would need to become about 7Mpix without software enhancements for same quality at close distance (unfair for the larger print).

This is a bit theoretical since printers are pretty clever at enhancing resolution. The biggest quality factor which most don't appreciate, is what compression options (and how much) are available in the cam and what are the cam speed/memory trade offs.

For it's speed of operation, the 602z is fine, particularly in its multi-shot modes. However, some Olys offer more (lower and uncompressed) modes, but I don't know how useable speed wise they are.

chimp Jan 2, 2003 5:42 AM

Anybody else got any opinions for me on the above camera?

Tomcorbet Jan 2, 2003 3:38 PM

Finepix s602z
Well I just bought a finepix s602 as my first DC after buying a finepix 6900 a year ago for my daughter. Also purched a 256mg CF 12x card & half-dozen 1800ma rechargables

I spent an hour with the manual and started shooting some nice (at least I thought they were nice) indoor evening shots all in full auto mode.

Seems pretty straight forward to me & I am just a newbe. Next week I hope to start using some of numerous features and see how I do.

Regards TC

J2D2 Jan 2, 2003 4:23 PM

Heres a simple and quick reply.

The 602 is amazing!
10X8 @ 6mp is MORE than acceptable. Handling is A1.

You wont be disappointed.

voxmagna Jan 2, 2003 7:17 PM

Yes, but 6MP is not real! If you can see a difference in 2 identical shots taken at 3Mpix Fine and 6Mpix, send me a private message with your email, 'cos I'd very much like to see the difference as well!

I'll bet if I sent you 2 pics shot on a tripod, you'd say the 3Mpix was marginally better when both images are compared side by side at 400% mag. on screen!

It's still a great 3MPIX cam though.

J2D2 Jan 2, 2003 9:02 PM

Dear Mr Magna,

Yes, yes, I'm sure you are right, and no doubt have researched the 602 and its abilities more thoroughly than I.

Meanwhile I'll just remain happy in my ignorance.



sergiolf Jan 4, 2003 10:36 PM

I hope this helps you, I still don't have the 602s, but saw a 12x18 photo made directly from a fine quality pix and I was quite impressed on the excellent result.
I also had a clerk at Circuit City take a picture of myself on fine, and even at a high enlargement I liked the sharpness.
The owner of the store told me that he prefers to use the Fuji over the Minolta 7hi. :D

noctem Jan 8, 2003 10:10 AM

I have a S602.
concerning 8x10 prints, I use a local minilab to print them from 3Mpix fine quality jpegs and the result is really amazing. I don't need more and I'm really satisfied with this choice as it cost the dsame price as a personal print.

Concerning good and bad points:

The really bad: low light focusing, expecially when you use the zoom. If the cam is good enought for long night shots, it's quite unusable for indoor night parties with friends and ambient light.

The bad: picture numbering is reset each time you empty the memory card. But with organization or with (free) PC2Cam, it solves the problem. And the 35mm minimum wide angle without accessory.

The avarage: Fuji accessories. Fuji external flash is an entry-level, but you can use third party ones such as Vivitar. No TTL nor PC sync however (PC sync on the "pro" model I heard). The tele and wide angle add ons are each sold with an adaptater... so you'll get two. Hopefully, you can always avoid Fuji accessories and replace them with third-party ones.

The good: versatility (zoom, macro, 5 shots mode, video, manual progs, etc..) Very good in studio and landscape situation, but I also use it a lot in night and architectural situations. All this with only one lense

The very good: CF + SM cards at once (up to 1.128Go!), the AA batteries and life time, the cam look, photo quality and ... price.

Overall, if you're looking for a cam to make photos, this is a good choice - unless you can afford an SLR. If you want to use it only when you have a party with friends, forget it, some cams like the S30 / S230 are better designed for this.

voxmagna Jan 8, 2003 3:40 PM

Noctem...I've had no probs with mine for indoor parties with flash- sometimes I've got back decent pics shot with flash in near total darkness (no zoom though). Is that what you mean't?

I agree shooting with available light is tricky, sometimes I have to push the speed up reluctantly to 800ASA 1Mpix, but I accept the trade-offs for party shots. Any time I've got back fuzzy pics shot in available low light, I've suspected some cam. shake as the warning is usually on unless I increase ASA.

The auto focus works better if you pre-focus on a strong horizontal or vertical object/pattern at the same distance. People don't work! although architecture should be OK.

I do try to shoot flash close though, close-ups of singles or couples rather than wide shots of many.

I'm just about to do some tests with redeye flash, I'm wondering if the auto focus phase occurs during the first flash, which could be useful for slave synching an external flash unit with a bit of circuitry.

Took my cam out recently, forgot I'd left the SM in the reader. Glad I'd still left a CF card in the second slot!

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