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moses5 Feb 13, 2008 6:36 AM


i bought a finepix s9100/9600 yesterday - everything is working perfectly fine, but when i, for example, point the camera from a dark spot to a light spot (and vice versa), it produces 3 or 4 short mechanicalsounds (it is as if the camera is adjusting the aperture, ortries tofocus continuesly whengoing from dark to light and vice versa). is this normal?


jphess Feb 13, 2008 11:27 AM

It's quite probable that what you are hearing is the autofocus mechanism on the camera. I have the older Fuji 9000, and this is an issue that has been discussed about both models. It is also possible that you have your camera set to continuous autofocus. If this is the case camera will constantly be trying to focus on something rather than only when you press the shutter button halfway. And this will keep the autofocus mechanism working constantly as well. But the noise you are hearing is normal, and nothing to worry about.

Photo 5 Feb 13, 2008 10:41 PM

I have been using the camewra since May 2007. I have takenover 7,500photos with it (many at nightwhere I have gone from dark area to well lit areas using flood lights)and never heard the noise you talk about, in auto or continous auto focus or in movie mode. I will listen out for it more now and seeif i hear it ut don't remember hearing it before.


jphess Feb 14, 2008 11:19 AM

I'm surprised that you have not heard the noise. It has been mentioned in other forums besides this one. It isn't really that loud, but there is a noticeable mechanical sound that is common to this and several other models in this same category. I guess if you are concerned about it you can always send the camera to Fuji for service. But I suspect they will only tell you that the noise is normal. You'll have to decide for yourself what to do.

Photo 5 Feb 14, 2008 3:52 PM

The only noise I ever heard from the camera was the shutter button clicking whenI had the volume turned up. I have seen it mentioned as a problem but for my camera its not an issue.


jphess Feb 14, 2008 4:15 PM

So if you put your camera on continuous autofocus and point the camera at different objects that are different distances away from you, you don't hear the camera make any sound whatsoever. Is that correct? I have a Fuji 9000 and a Fuji 5100, and I do hear a little noise in the above described situation. It isn't loud, it doesn't sound destructive, it doesn't cause a problem, just something that is there. That is why I suggested to moses5 that this is normal and not something to be concerned about. I have read a number of other threads in this and other forums discussing this same thing. I don't believe either one of you have anything to worry about. But if either of you want to worry for some reason that is OK too. I don't think I need to retract my comments, unless you feel that I should.

Photo 5 Feb 14, 2008 8:03 PM

No reason to retrack your thoughts.

So if you put your camera on continuous autofocus and point the camera at different objects that are different distances away from you, you don't hear the camera make any sound whatsoever. Is that correct?

I don't hear anything

I also owned a 5100 and 5200 -- no longer have them and neither had any noise issues with either one. I took over 8,000 photos with 5100 (had for a year and 4,000 with 5200 (4 months). I got rid of the 5200 in short order you might saymainly because the 9100 came out and it looked like the cameraI had always been looking for minus the 15x zoom but 28 - 300 is not bad. I've looked at the newer Fujis and will stay with the 9100 for the time as none of the new cameras have a CF card slot and I have 24GB of CF cards to 3GB of xD cards. Its a shame that the new Fujis don't have a CF card slot like the 9100 does. They turned me off to the new models at least for now.

Don't retrack what you say and don't feel like I am against you. Just giving the readers the benefit of my experience with this camera so they have two sizes or two opinions of the noise issue. Never feel bad for posting your findings. Multi points of view is what makes this a great forum


rinniethehun Feb 15, 2008 8:38 AM

I have an S6000, which has the identical lens to the S9100, and I also have an S5100. Both of them make a noise when adjusting exposure, regardless which focus mode the camera is set to - the same 3 or 4 short mechanical sounds referred to by moses. I know several people who have the same cameras, and they all produce the same sounds. This subject has been discussed in this forum before - it is not an issue or problem - it is normal.

It is not normal to hear nothing. If you hear nothing, one of the following may be true...your camera is not turned on...your camera is not in an auto exposure mode...your camera is are deaf. Try the following: Turn off all noise emitting devices in your computer room...turn off all lights in your computer room...turn your camera ON...set your camera to AUTO...point your camera at the computer - listen very carefully, while moving your camera towards your dark desktop...hear anything? If no, make an appointment with a medical professional...or send your camera to Fuji...or both

the Hun

Photo 5 Feb 15, 2008 9:55 AM

Neither I or any of my co workers heard anything when I used the camera tying to produce that series of sounds in the office area. I just had my hearing checked 2 months ago and it is good. Anyway the camera seems tro bew focuses and functioning properly to the point I don;t want to get fuji involved as they will probbaly ask me to send them the camera and then i am out my primary camera for weeks


jphess Feb 15, 2008 11:09 AM


I wasn't suggesting that you should send your camera for repair. That comment was directed toward the original question because that person did hear the noise. It's nothing to worry about in either case. I don't know, maybe some people are just little more sensitive to extraneous sounds. Maybe some cameras don't make the noise. I know that a lot of the cameras do make the noise; it isn't loud, it isn't destructive. If your photos are exposed properly and are in focus, just enjoy the camera.

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