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I just got a Canon 550ex flash today for my SLR and I had planned to use it on my Fuji S602. I am so new to this (Especially the flash part.) I know almost nothing as far as the flash unit is concerned. Is this flash going to be OK for my Fuji S602?
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Old May 11, 2003, 12:59 AM   #12
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Some re-assurance which jkirk of oz fame (takes his 602 apart frequently) says: The switching device inside a 602 to trigger the flash is spec'd at 500volt. Now that has some bearing on the claims being made by Fuji.

I would never push a fet device anywhere near this limit and risk zapping a cam which needs a 6-8 week time to repair. Borrow a digital electronic multimeter (high impedance), charge up the flash and measure the voltage between the centre contact pin and the shoe. If you get a value in the 100's of volts - then it's your risk. However, some of these Vivitars come with dedicated units, which I suspect may have low trigger voltages on the shoe. The dedicated part is an electronic interface between the 'hot' parts of the thyristor trigger circuit and the low voltage trigger and brightness control needed to provide the dedicated function with specific slr's.
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Check out the external flash group above...a lot of good suggestions and smart folks!

When I first purchased my S602, I planned to use it with my Sunpak 555—“potato smasher”. Like you, I sought info and received two leads--one was costly the other not so much. The least costly was to get a Nikon AS-15 hot shoe that I purchased on ebay for $15.00. The second was more expensive and required a Sunpak Ext-11 sync cord and STD-1D interface module—approx $65.00. I ended up with both but haven't taken time to figure out which is better/best. ops:

Biggest thing is to know the sync voltage for the flash so it doesn't harm the camera. Both these items trigger the external flash but dampen the sync voltage.

Good luck!
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OK, now all of you have confused me. I want to get a external flash as well, but I don't understand half of what you have been talking about. I didn't even know there were different voltages. :roll: I live in a small town and it's a 30 min. drive just to get to the nearest camera store. Now that I know I can "fry" my camera I don't even want to chance it. I'll take any lead to a basic external flash.

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If you don't want to take a chance, then look at this and use any flash with a 602: (HSHS model)

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Old May 18, 2003, 10:17 PM   #16
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Just checked the voltage on my Jessops flash unit.



I've been using this for over 9 months now with my 602 and it hasnt caused any problems.

This flash is only a year old BTW.
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As [email protected] says: the fet switch is rated to 400volt. PS he did an online surgery the other night on the 'other' Forum, answering live Q&A on the intricacies of the inards whilst dismantling (for the nth time) everything. He learned a lot about the 'my 602 runs its batteries flat when left' problem, and fixed the fuse on the dc input connector.

He'd only lost 5-6 features when it got back together again- but fixed those!

I've asked him for a webcam on the next surgery session.
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