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minhaz Aug 24, 2002 8:38 PM

formatting/initializing SM media on 602z

I am have recently purchased a 602z. While travelling I copied images directly from the camera and don't have the user manuals with me. Now I get a message that my SM is not initialized. Can anyone help by telling me how to initialize the media card.

thanks in advance:P:P

dc9mm Aug 24, 2002 10:49 PM

Not sure what you mean by you "copied images directly from the camera" but I will assume you used the USB cable and copied images to a computer. After you do that all you should have to do is delete the pictures you copied and go from there. But it sounds like it is having trouble reading from the card for some reason if i understand you correclty. I would format the card and see if you can themn use the card since you allready copied the images you had on the card to a computer. To format enter the playback mode and click the "menu/ok" button you will see options to format or erase frame or all frames choose format with up down arrow keys and click "ok". That will format the card and initialize media. I read that directly from my manual. Not sure why you would have to format the card after copying images from the card but give that a try and see if that works. If not try another card, maybe the one you have went bad.

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