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Default FP2800 low light viewfinder capabilities?

Can any 2800 owner please advise what the minimum indoor lighting needs to be for the finder to be useable?
Also, what can be seen in the viewfinder outdoors at night in a shopping area with lights?
Does the variable brightness control help?
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Default viewfinder

both the internal and extrenal viewfinders work pretty good at night. when it is dark...it is obviously going to be hard to see much...really can only see the lights (in a parking lot)...and maybe some of what the lights are lighting. as far as adjusting the lcd brightness to be higher doesn't really help much due to the nature. u r basically just brightening everything including the darkness (black(..just making the black appear lighter. not the best viewfinders...but not bad either. especially for the money. main reason i bought the 2800 was for the zoom, 2 mp, video and sound...and great picture quality for 2mp...especailly compared to others in that price range. was going to get the canon a60...but got the 2800 and am pretty happy.

the only regret about it is the internal electronic viewfinder... hard to see when the sun is behind you. i think a true optical viewfinder would be better...since your eye can detect images better in dark situations and also when viewing with the sun behind u.

the camera is great...but seems to be one of the more delicate ones...really have to baby it...unless u r loaded and don't care.

they have a anew 3800 now...so check that out...but kinda expensive in comparison.. i would probably look into higher end canons or nikons instead for that money...but at $274...the 2800 was a great deal! www.buydig.com excellent service! got it pretty quick also and waht dealtime.com had it fro sell for!

the fuji2800 does have some exposure compensation settings also for taking night images also.
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Thanks for your reply. I did buy the 2800 (at $549 Cdn) or $349 USD. I won't buy a fragile object through the mail due to possible internal damage during shipment and the hassle of using the mail to exchange a defective unit (not to mention customs delays), freight claims etc.
The camera is great. Only blackened viewfinder indoors with low lighting (lamps on dimmers). Can focus on street lighting where necessary, then recompose. Flash underexposes dark objects ( indoors or outdoors ) where light is poor. Otherwise pictures are "35mm slide" sharp and contrasty on my PC monitor. 6X Zoom is great for pictures where you just cannot walk to (e.g. shooting a Blue Heron in a marsh). Have had no problems with handholding at max zoom (228mm) in daylight. Shutter speed is always above 1/200th.
I would have waited for the 3800, but have eight 32M/16M SmartMedia cards I'd get little or nothing for, which will only work in the 2800.
One other shortcoming is the 2M/Basic mode: it has visible color-banding, most likely due to the huge compression ratio of 27:1 which allows 75 pictures on a 16MB card. The other modes are great (other 2M,all 1M, 0.3M) but they use much less compression, from 6:1 to 11:1. The best choices seem to be 2M/Normal or 1M/Normal, which give 39 and 49 images on a 16MB card respectively.

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