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Im hoping that someone can advise of this problem.

I have 4 fuji cameras that we use at our childrens nursery,

all 4 have come up with the same Frame No. Full message.

What is going on?

Is this some kind of millenium bug for fuji cameras?
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You didn't mention the camera models (and it's a good idea to let members know what cameras you're using, since behavior, features and more will differ between models).

But, it probably has to do with available numbering for images reaching a threshold (i.e., the numbering for them is "maxed out" and the cameras need to start over again at 0001 or something like that). If you were sharing memory cards between cameras, and the numbering went too high, that may have triggered the problem in all of them (often, a camera will look at the highest number on a memory card and try to resume from there with numbering).

Try going to the Setup menus and look for a "Frame No." setting. Change it from "Continuous" to "Renew". Then, transfer any images on the memory card, format it using the camera's menu choice for format, and see if that solves your problem. It probably needs to start the image numbering over again.

Here's a setup menu from a Fuji S1000fd showing the "Frame No." menu choice. You should find a similar choice in your Fuji cameras' setup menus.

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