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Default Fugi 3800 Sports scene

I recently got my Fugi 3800 and was playing around with it in the Sprots secene mode. It seems that any moving situation ala... basketball or hockey there always seems to be a blur on someone in the picture. I take alot of shots in rinks and although i realize its extremely hard to capture a good inside rink picture, but when i take a picture of my son skating by me, by the time i click the picture hes out of the frame when reviewing the shot. Can anyone give me a few tips on the sports mode? much appricated. chris carr
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Instead of trying to capture your son skating by, track him. It will take some practice.

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Hi jcarboski,

I don't know if this available on the 3800 but, on my s602 I used the first 5 frames and last 5 frames continuous mode to catch race cars at the Datona 500. Hold the shutter button to prefocus and then shoot when the subject is headed for where you are focused. Then chose from the display those shots that look like they have what you are looking for. This may not be the cleanest way to do this but its the best I've come up with so far.

Anyone else have better sugestions?
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good luck
I think the best trick is to use one eye on the EVF and the other eye on the action...and just move u'r camera acordingly.

I had this problem too...it takes time..but you'll get it
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Use burst mode .. it's only 2 shots though. Strange, you'd think it would be a dozen or so ... it's digital.
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The last two posts are the best advice. The 3800 was cut back to two continuous shots from my 2800's 4 continuous. The shots will still be blurred a bit, even with tracking.
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