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mattb Oct 14, 2002 2:01 PM

Fuji 3800 vs S602
I Know the S602 is a much better camera than the 3800 but how much better??? Is it worth the extra ~$300

Just purchased the 3800 and like everything except low-light pictures.
Always !AF and cannot use the 6x zoom at all or pictures will be blurry.
Is there any known fix or config option for this except to get more lighting?

Would like to know if the S602 also has this low-light problem and if the S602 camera is worth the extra money to upgrade from the 3800???

voxmagna Oct 14, 2002 3:05 PM

My first cam was a 1.2Mpix Philips. In anything but good light, it wouldn't focus, you couldn't pre-set focus, and colour balance was poor. So poor light =ed no pics!.

The 602 when reviewed was not the best at low light focusing, but it's been vastly better than what I had and I've not noticed many situations where it couldn't cope. There are several tricks to getting the best out of it and the 602 allows you to disengage or preset many normally 'auto' features

With skill you can drive the manual focus via the viewfinder magnify feature, although I can just about take pics in a room lit by a 100 watt bulb no flash and a steady hand!. The trick with Fuji's auto focus, is to locate a strong vertical or horizontal in the scene or outside shot at the same distance or better lit.

The scene that defeats me, and probably most cameras is the candlelit dinner using flash. It's so dark you see little in the viewfinder, and I'd love one of those cams that fires a low power flash first to get focus and colour balance right - I'll try the 602 on redeye flash next time!

joegib Oct 15, 2002 2:33 PM

Did you see this post dealing with the low light issue?:

You could also have a look at these night shots taken with a 2800z by EddyB:

These relate to the 2800 rather than the 3800 but they are closely related models and the same charge has been levelled at both.

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