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Default fuji 5000 Megapixel review

Just out in Oct issue. many write in about the 5000 outstanding color rendition yet Megapixel not as glowing
Poor marks as far as detail and compression

Hope new minolta better
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I was going to post a response but I have grown tired of this guys griping! And please do not send me any more pm's! I will not read them. For everyones sake......get over the Fuji S5000! I am sick of you crying about how poor the camera is. We all get it! Have a nice day. :twisted:
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Totally agree with Goofas here. Please people, stop posting silly things like that. We all *GOT* it!

Steve Sanders gave a good review on S5000.
Phil Askey gave an average review on S5000 (read discussions on Dpreview forums about people criticizing Phil about Fuji reviews).
Jeff Keller also gave a pretty good (he doesn't score reviews so hard to say) review.

Steve is a proffessional photographer with over 30 years of experience, Phil Askey and Jeff Keller are computer experts (their background in photography started in the nineties or so).

Megapixel doesn't even count, they are not being too informant about what a Super CCD is. If I were them, I'd read the Fuji technical papers before criticizing. Nuff' said.

So far, 99% of the people who bought this camera are enjoying it to bits. If you don't like it, then don't buy it, but stop posting bad impressions on a camera you didn't even held in your hands.

Just my 0.02 eurocents...
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Also agree, I see to many posts from people speculating about cameras that have been reviewed recently, without them ever having touched the stuff.
The same happened with the S602z when it came out. Most reviews were very negative. I have bought the 602 almost the instant it was available in the shops (traded in my 6900 because I wanted the CF and AA-batt. features).
I have been very satisfied with the camera since.
I've recommended the S5000 to friends and family that didn't have experience with digital camera's yet because you can grow with it.
I have seen real picture (on screen and paper) before I recommended it and I must say the pics looked fresh and brisk.
I have allways been a fujifan because of the colouration (subjective ofcourse), but always tell people to see for themselves.
Fuji S602z, Nikon 3100
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