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Default fuji 5000 tech support

i just bought a minolta Z1 over the Fuji 5000 after extensive research and am, not too happy.
I* picked the Minolta because of the super Macro, EVF gain in low light , and super fast shot to shot and focus

Not well built, lense actually rattlles, doesn't affect picture quality but....
Tech phone support sucks. Having trouble using their photo editing soft ware. Called 800 number only to find their tech support only works from 9:00-11:00 and 2:00 -4:30. So i left work early and they were no help, camera shop where i bought it no help. Guy at camera shop said Buy an OLY or Canon if you want support. Said Fuji not much better.

Can any one comment on Fuji support before I return the Minolta and get the Fuji
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I can only tell you after 2k plus pictures, I have not needed their support!
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Default Re: fuji 5000 tech support

the other person is absolutely correct and between the lines.
This is the answer to your question: get Fuji and do not care about Customer Service.. you will not need one.
Mind you, I have still old Minolta Maxxam 7000, normal SLR, love it, keep it, hardly ever use it. I guess, some things change, cause Minolta used to be one of the most responsible guy's out there.

I looked tru exactly 1231 camera's, picked S5000 for my use now, never had problem. Wanted to get something like Canon 300D, yet paying for decent lens as much as for body I did consider a bad joke.

Fuji s5000 cost me $359.00 at buydig.com, free ship, fresh and new. Got rechargable NiMH AA, which last forever and a day in it,
added UV filter to completely protect the lens, stuck 128 Meg XD card for 60-some buck in it, and never ever had any problem with.

Plus, thinking technology, reality is cruel, and MegaPix battle dictates that whatever you buy today for $1000, will be most likely sold at 7/11 some 2 years from now for, say.. $29.95

Why Fujii ?
They want to go big, agains Nikon and Kodak and Canon,
even if they have to sell below cost on some models.
So, take an advantage of it.

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Returned the Dimage Z1 camera today!

Yes, images are sharp; focus is fast all sounds good but what about reliability?
1> Lens shake (wobble) is simply unbearable, period. I did check other Digicam like C740/C750, S5000 and Kodak 10X Zoom etc all exhibit some amount of Lens wobble but in Dimage Z1 it is too much. Just hold the camera in your hand and you start hearing the lens wobble sound as if something is loose inside it. With such a wobble how long will it work reliably?

2> Battery compartment cover is flimsy! In last 20 day, I changed batteries for 7-8 times and every time I had a hard time in closing the door. I am sure if one applies a bit more pressure the cover will break! Hinges won't last for more 100 odd operations!

3> Lens AF noise during Movie mode is annoying. And Audio-video is out of syn!!

4> The Mirror-shutter type EVF / LCD switching mechanism is doubtful. I came across around 8 instances where the switching failed! This is serious. And proved the last straw on the camelís back.
Enough is enough, I just returned the camera.

Please do check these things before you buy.
This is my first Digicam and I am not planning another one in coming 4-5 years, and I do not want to deal with Minolta Service center!

There are other options available at almost the same price.

I am going in for FUJI S5000. I tried it for last one week and it is at par with Dimage Z1 in picture quality. Disregard the reviews by some pros on some web site. They do talk about its lens shadow at the corner, over compression, lack of manual White balance etc but for common man, day-to-day pictures (family and kids etc) and up to 8x10 prints, all such things really do not count. (Please check Daveís full review on S5000 at http://www.imaging-resource.com, he had answered and preempted all such doubts) S5000ís build quality is very good, just hold S5000 in your hand and the second next you will feel it. It comes with very good quality Lens adapter and has built in AF assist lamp
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Glad you choosed the s5000. Welcome to the club
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Originally Posted by gokhalesuhas
Returned the Dimage Z1 camera today!
I would dump it just because of its look! I don't think I'd be brave enough to show that to people...
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