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mattia_angeli Sep 23, 2002 12:13 PM

fuji 601 freeze problem
I just bought my camera a week ago (16th sept 2002)
and its been fantastic until yesterday when I started to
experience the "Freeze" problem. At first I thought the
unit was broken as the lens was sticking out and it just
refused to respond to the power switch.

But it seems so far that leaving it for a few hours
(presumably to drain the battery) and then powering it
up via the charger and then switching it on via the
power switch seems to be a workaround...

Curiously the problem seems to have started when I
started to play around with low light settings and indoor

I am wondering if this has also something to do with the
fuji supplied battery that I am using.

I am considering buying another battery for use with the
camera (on the assumption that it remains usable and
the symptoms dont get worse)

Has anyone experienced the same issue(s) and have a
workaround or resolution ?

Any recommendations on a new battery for the
Fuji 601 [Z] ?



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