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To E550 owners (this I guess would apply to 510 and 500 owners since they're the same body/lens...

I picked up an E550 for a late Xmas gift for someone today and was testing it out before wrapping it. I always take new cameras outside in good light to inspect the inner lenses, as these days quality control is iffy at best, and sometimes you can see dust or lint *inside* a lens.

On this camera, there is an odd looking powery substance on the inside of the lens, which circles the outer perimeter of the inner lens glass. There is also one or two small white-ish streaks/marks as well. The center of the inner lens is clear - this "stuff" circles it.

I have never seen anything like this before. Indoors you cannot notice it, but if you take the camera outside in good lighting, or, take a flashlight and shine it at an angle (carefully) into the lens, you can see this very clearly. Does anyone have ANY idea what this is? The store is out of this model so if I return it I'll have to get them something else, but it maybe part of some odd manufacturing process... I don't know. The pics I took with it do not SEEM to show anything, but all I've got to try it out on are trees (which would mask small blemishes), and hazy sky (which would mask blur causes by smudges).

Picture linkbelow is a macro from two angles I took of it to illustrate. You can see the grainy/powdery stuff around the edges and arrows point to streaks/marks.


Update: I called Fuji and got two different answers. One rep said to send it back, but he seemed somewhat unsure of himself, so I called back. The second rep got a sample model they have there and said his shows the same thing. A "senior rep" told him these could be "metal shavings from the manufacture process, it's not a problem and normal, and not to worry about it". Huh? Don't worry about metal shavings on a lens? Geesh! Anyway... take a look at the pic and if anyone can has seen this before let me know. Thanks.


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As the Fuji hotline said, "I would not worry about it." It's a plastic element separator and appears to be a discoloration in the plastic. Mathematics and optics never flare or focus on the area any way. Many years ago, if you had a "bubble" in a lens, you knew the glass was the best one could wish for. And for quality control....It is far better today than past years. Computers make far less mistakes than humans...:-)

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