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Default Fuji FinePix 2800 Zoom

My daughter bought me a Fuji FinePix 2800 Zoom a couple of weeks ago.
I have a problem with it - I cannot see into the viewfinder unless the sun is directly behind me.
All I can see is my eye reflecting back at me.
Has anyone any suggestions please?
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sorry but I don't know much about the 2800Z, is it a good camera? I like the optics. Well, hope you get your camera fixed it doesn't seem like a technical problem though.

I keep looking at your post and doesn't it suck when people don't answer.

Good luck,
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Old Jul 9, 2002, 6:32 PM   #3
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Default elec VF

I don't have a 2800z yet..but can't wait to get it! I looked through the viewfinder at the store and noticed it was a ELECTRONIC viewfinder..not optical...which I think i like the elec one anyways..especially for situations u can't see the EXTERNAL viewfinder very well when it is brite outside. i am GUESSING that maybe the internal viewfinder backlight has burned out? so u can't see anything...only when it is lit from the sun (extranlly illuminated..opposed to backlighted). just a guess. hope u get it solved.
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Old Jul 11, 2002, 5:06 PM   #4
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I can't find any way to see my eye in my 2800's viewfinder! I don't think my eye will focus that close...
Couple of suggestions (sorry if they're obvious):
1) the EVF and the LCD screen do not work at the same time. If the screen's turned on, the viewfinder's off. The EVF/LCD button switches between the two.
2) there is a LCD Brightness setting accessed from the Settings menu - it's the first item on that menu and may not be visible without scrolling up. If the brightness has got itself turned right down, you won't see much in the viewfinder.
3) there is also a brightness setting in View mode - it operates separately from Photo mode.

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Have it checked out at the point of purchase. I've had no similar problems with the electronic viewfinder which has its advantages but overall is not as clear as normal viewfinder optics.
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Bright sunlight in front or to the side affects your eye's pupil, closing it down to prevent eye damage. As your viewfinder is dim to start with, this makes it APPEAR darker to your eye. If you wear a peaked cap, this will help. You can also use your left hand to shield your eye from the light. This works for me. Brightening the image in the finder using the menu is NOT the solution. This prevents you from determining if the scene is being metered at the correct value (a major purpose of the EVF) or needs to be preset on some other object by half pressing the release button. You should set both the EVF and LCD to the setting where they each reflect the brightness of the final image, then find a way to view them properly (shield your eye and/or the display from external light).

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the post above is absolutly right! brighten up the LCD is not the solution. brighten it up will mislead the outcome of your picture. the EVF is the first generation, give it some time to improve. the Pro about the EVF is that; what you see is 95% what you get from displ of the image...unlike the optical (most optical usually shows 75% of the entire picture).
for me; i usually use the LCD when it's low light and EVF in bright light (not against the light)
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