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Zoom error is easily fixed. Gently pull lens barrel out to full extension. You will hear a click. Then turn camera off and on again. Done.

In my case problem was that a transparent waterproof bag didn't allow full lens extension. I found the solution through

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I have a finepix s3000 fuji camera that ceased working sunday . I have researched the problem and it seems if I could manually pull out my retracted zoom lens which is now nicely nestled in the in position - and turn the camera back off and on that the camera would correct itself..

I have not been successful in finding a safe manner to grab my lens and pull it out - it is just over an inch and half wide. There is not much space between the lens and the surrounding metal. About the width of a metal nailfile. there edge is smooth so it is not easy to grab. I am wondering if there might be some tool for such tasks? feel free to email me at cybercanoe at american on line if you have a solution or recommendation

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The fix for e550 stuck zoom----

The fix someone earlier described about pullingthe fully extended zoom out gently does work. The guys that engineered this, however, were idiots. It is likely thesame problem will re-surface due to the way the zoom is made. And don't expect a lot of help from Fuji.

Try the extended zom pull. Be caeful. Don't yank on it but gently pull until you hear the click. It may take a try ot two. Try jiggling it sideways very slightly as you pull if a straight pull does not work. Eventually you will get it to seat on the poorly desgined track that moves the zoom in and out.

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Dunno if this applies to any of you but I hope I can help someone with this story.

I have an E510 Finepix and I dropped it, lense down. It took a couple pictures but when I set the zoom to close up flower icon mode, it refused to go back in and had the zoomerror message the tiny silver cap on the end of the lense had come off too.

After taking it to the repair shop in town, a $300 quote including tax, labor, and a whole new optical set made me LOLOMGWTF and take a set of pliers to the lense. We had nothing to lose!

The lense was stuck in on an angle, so we pulled on that and pushed in the other half that was sticking up. Then we superglued on the silver cap and everything seems to be good for now!

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