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1. Check for 'hot' and 'stuck pixels'. Put the lens cap on, cover the EVF and take pics at speeds of up to 2 seconds (at longer exposure times the automatic noise reduction kicks in, rendering tests useless). 'Hot pixels' (little gray specks of varying brightness) start showing up at exposure times above 1/100 and can be seen if you blow your supposedly completely black pictures up to maximum.
There are also special hot pixel detection programs to be found on the Internet; their use is quite controversial, though.
A certain amount of low-intensity hot pixels is normal and can be cured with 'dark frames'.
'Stuck pixels' really shine (usually in green or orange) at all speeds and can be easily detected except for very bright backgrounds (I had a small sun lighting up a whole field of 8 by 8 pixels on my S602). In movie mode they cannot be retouched at all.
If you find stuck pixels you should return your camera.

2. White Balance. Many digital cameras suffer from white balance problems if there is a very dominant color in the picture. Judging from the many S602 pictures published in different forums, this camera seems to be especially vulnerable to that disease. If you get color casts try different white balance settings including manual white balancing (color casts are not always easy to detect; a simple and effective indicator is 'Auto Color' in Photoshop or similar programs).
If the problem persists and the lion in your picture keeps turning everything else yellow return the camera.

3. Some users complain about white specks on their pictures caused by either dust on the CCD or dust inside the lens.
If you find any return the camera.

Don't let this discourage you. The 602 is a great camera - if it works. Just check yours carefully and give yourself plenty of time for that.

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Default I bought it

Hey guys, after much research, I finally bought this camera even though I haven't received it in my hand yet. It will be probably a month away before I got my hand on it. Anyway, thank you for your recommendations and support.

Now, i got one more thing. I am new to digital camera thing so i'm not sure which memory card to buy? Can Finepix S602 take compact flash card type I? From CF type I card or smartmedia card, which one is better and what brand is the best??

Thank you. I appreciate it very much :-)
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The AVI fills are too big for store, any one knows any software that can compress the AVI files of S602 to Mpeg files?
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