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bimbobo Jul 17, 2011 12:07 PM

Fuji Hs20 and many doubts...
my first post here.
I have spent the last 3 days reading reviews about cams with good zoom and nice quality.
Video is not the main reason, but I have a son and a dog :) so it would be nice to take videclips too.

I came down to the HS20 and the Sony HX100V.
It seems that the Sony is easier to use and has a better AF feature working nice and easily.
The HS20 seems better in pure image quality, and also have good video and nice features.
I am not an expert, I saw reviews about issue with shaking images in HS20 in video (which can be fixed by disabling continuos autofocus in video) and also strong difficulties to AF at longest zoom in still pictures.

I really need to know how better (if the case) this cam is vs Sony easy, fast AF and video.

Somebody called the HS 20 Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hide ... and it seemed so in the video on YouTube :p

Please tell me about your experiencenses with this cam.

Photo 5 Jul 17, 2011 3:05 PM

The HS20 is a very very very good camera. I have not had any shaking issues. I did have an issue with my cameras sensor overheating which seems to be the case with only the very early production cameras and the ones made on the second batch etc are fine. If you prefocus holding camera button down half way AF locks very fast. I only shoot video at 640 x 480 as to not east up memory card and storage space, but then again I don't need HD video for any reason. 640 x 480 quality is good enough for me.

I shot a wedding with this camera and had no issues with it and very few bad images. It is a step up from the HS10 in that it focuses a little faster, the burst mode is better and the mp is higher when you need huge images.

I am using Eneloop AAs and class 10 SDHC cards in the camera, although I do have a class 6 card I have tested that works well. If you don;t already have a good fast SDHC card cheap out the transcend cards at I;d go with a 16GB if your hooting video and have another card as a backup........ I get over 3,000 images on a single 16GB card.

If I had to do it all over again I'd order another HS20 but hope this time I don't have the over heating sensor issue. For what I do its the perfect camera for me.


sprint Jul 17, 2011 4:28 PM

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I think if you have any "shaking" pics and AF problems you'r working in the dark or have the "IS" modes switched off.

If there is reasonable light at hand , and you are not suffering from Parkinson, it is easy to get a good shot with this camera, and i am just an newby....

It is like Photo 5 says, aim , press the shutter halfway and bang there you have it, either in EXR mode somewhere or in any other programmable mode, just stay of the auto mode, that is to make mistakes and not learn anything :)
Oh yes almost forgot, it depends also from how your "focus setting" is set, for full zoom i think the spot metering is best

These 2 pics are taken just handheld one wide the other at full zoom, the tower is 67 m high.


bimbobo Jul 17, 2011 4:42 PM

...thanks both for the replies.
Well I would like to stay away from Auto, if the cam is "easy" to learn.

Can you tell me few words about video focusing and IS during it (I know to stay away from "cont. focus" for better focus result), but it seems video is not well stabilized.. I hope it's not true.

I need the cam 70% for pics and 30 for videoclips. Not HD videocam quality of course, but a shaking movie using IS or else is not good either.

I think the cam could give also good video with such a lens. :)


Cresho Jul 17, 2011 7:12 PM

get theDMC-FZ100K from panasonic. Video is excellent, sound recorded is excellent, and pictures are okay due to chromatic abberation but it it looks good.

I like the hs20exr because I'm use to the colors and this camera takes care of the C.A. Issues that plague other cameras. Video is okay, well its good but there are issues such as focusing and audio not being that great.

bimbobo Jul 18, 2011 1:42 AM

Thanks cresho,
I checked all cams with long zoom, none is perfect :-)

FZ100 and Canon SX30IS were the first I looked at.
I have Canon A610 and many printers, and I like Canon.

Video is not the most important thing... I saw lots of examples.

The worrying for me is focus.. I saw reviews on YT that the cam struggles also in focusing "fast" on still obejcts.
No cam is perfect, and sorry only to mention the bad things, but at the end it's important to hear from people using the device.

So Video issue is known.. but tell me please how it is "autofocus" in still pictures at wide angle, mid and long zoom.


Cresho Jul 18, 2011 2:46 AM

hs20exr struggles focusing on wide angle as well due to the "hunting". Panasonic has no issue. Canon has terrible C.A. purple fringe issues. Panasonic has little to none. Fuji has none.

panasonic looks good for pictures and video in my own opinion.

bimbobo Jul 18, 2011 3:45 AM

I read reviews of all this super zoom.. the FZ100 is super good for video, but.. I think that the quality for still pictures is not.
CA is common for super zoom, but HS20 seems the best of all about that.
Focus is a bad thing if not working... I really would like this cam, but I am a bit lost about what to do. :-(
More thinking and hope that firmware could help, like it did for heat issue somebody har reported earlier...

Photo 5 Jul 18, 2011 8:50 AM

As for video I have not the so called audio problem. It does when you zoom quickly take a second to refocus but unless you have a really shaky hand have not had issues with shaking video. Also FYI I shoot in 640 x 480 video mode.


bimbobo Jul 18, 2011 9:14 AM

...well.. I am still considering this cam against the HX100V.

I cannot stop thinking about how many excellent pics I have seen taken by the HS20, but also about all "known" issues, and at the same time the general quality, the "easy to use" and good comments/reviews of the HX100V.

I will not buy the SX30IS, or the Panas.
The fight is between the Fuji and Sony.. the Fuji is also much cheaper than the Sony.

I wonder if they ever will make a new firmware to stabilize focus or they will pull out a HS30 instead.


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