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Default Fuji S2 software & MAc OS X.2


I have a fuji S2 and a Mac powerbook 667 with OS 9 & 10.2 installed. I love the combo but I can onlt use the shooting shoftware in OS 9 and can only is the lack luster EX software in 9 classic mode. My question is this I'm ready to purchase a new dual 1.25 Mac in the next week and Apple has said that they won't include OS 9 in the new OS scheme for 2003.

Doe's anyone know if Fuji has hyper software and EX software that will work in OS X.2 ??
Canon and Nikon have recvently released native software for MAc OX.2.

Also is the EX software all mac people can use , I'lll try a beta of something ??

Windows people have quimage pro and Bibble ... Whould I have purchased a Nikon Digital camera ??
Why can't I find a lcd cover on fuji's wed site ?? (lost after 2 months)

Brian Eaves
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I recieved a 3800 for Christmas and I also use OS X 10.2. I hooked up the camera and iPhoto opened automaticaly and was ready to get the photos off.

This might work for you too.

Also, if you are purchasing your dual 1.25 in the next week, I'd bet that it will still boot into 9 (if you belive the rumor sites that is...no PowerMac upgrades for at least a few more months)
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Default Hyper software (shooting software)

I was hoping not to ever go back to OS 9.2.2 ( except fot disk warrior and Norton for fixing X.2.3 ) Fuji neede to develop native software for OS X.2 period. Nikon has it and so does Canon for thier $2000 price rane cameras.
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