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Default Fuji S304, zig zag lines.

Fuji S304.Zig Zag lines.
I recently purchased a Fuji Finepix S304(aka 3800?) camera.
Very happy with the camera overall except for the disconcerting fact that on my camera whenever I take a photo with the email setting on the camera any straight lines in the shot appear sawtoothed or zig zag.
This is visible on the camera screen, computer screen and when printed.
This effect also occurs in varying severity as I take photos up through the higher resolutions.
Have contacted Hanimex(Australia) re. this matter and was informed that this is OK.
I don't think so.
Have also conferred with the the manager of of local Fuji dealership who agrees with me, and also took some photos of similar subjects to mine to check his camera performance.
His camera is of a lesser quality but did not have the problem.
Does anybody else a) think this is normal, and b) do any other S304 owners have this problem?
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I have a Fuji S304 and don't suffer the problems you mention. I would recommend you return it and get a new one. Is it a camera fault or is it a XD card fault - Get them to test it in store. If you get a new one, get them to test it as well.

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By email setting I assume you mean the very lowest or 0.3MP (640x480). I'm surprised that in buying a 3MP camera, you choose to shoot at 0.3MP !!! Why not shoot at higher res and resample in post-processing? This way you have control over the compression ratio as well as image size. I find I get better results with post-processing than using lower in-camera settings.
Your S304 may use a very high compression ratio. For example my old 1.3MP FinePix 1300 and 2.1MP 2300 used an 8:1 ratio. My Finepix 2800 uses a 12:1 ratio (for 640x480). Same goes for highest res settings: the highest res/highest compression ratio works fine on my 1300 but not on my 2300 or 2800 (too many artifacts/pixellation). That's because the 2800 and 3800 use a higher compression ratio at that setting. Check your manual where it shows number of frames available per SmartMedia card of various sizes and calculate the ratio. If it is very high, you may get jaggies. You will also get jaggies if you display your pics on a monitor at other than a full multiple or fraction of orginal size. I get jaggies if I display at 66.6%, but not at 50% or 25%.
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