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Ok I bought a Fuji S5100 the other day and I love it but I am still sort of confused when it comes to shutter speed and apature, can someone give me an example of what settings would be required for say a waterfall where in one photo the water appears moving but the other it appears still? I'm not talking about Niagara Falls for a waterfall either but we came across a small falls today and despite playing around with the settings I could not get it right

Any help would be appreciated, I'm sure if I got the general idea of what to do I'll be fine
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I have the same camera but I've not had it long and I'm no expert with the settings. You can adjust the shutter speed so I would imagine the slower you make the shutter speed the more the water would have a blurry/moving look. The sport mode would be good for a fast capture of the scene without any look of movement, I think.
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You can shoot water with a slow shutter speed to make the dreamlike blur of the flow or shoot it with a fast shutter speed to make it frozen in time. To some extent its a matter of personal preference, as for me, I like the blurred effect.
It depends on how close you are and how fast the water is moving, but generally you need somewhere between 1/4 of a second to 1/15 of a second. Slower than this and water tends to look more like plastic and less like water, faster than this and you get more of the frozen effect than anything else.
Use a tripod to be sure you get no motion from you. Take lots of pictures, try different shutter speeds. If there is lots of white water, you may want to go +.5 or so on your +- setting.

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Either way, Make sure you set your ISO speed, because once you go into "sports mode" the ISO defaults to 100, it is no longer Auto ISO,,, same as if, & when, you go back to "Auto mode", you must manually reset it to auto ISO, or it will stay where you previouslyset it.
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This was shot at 1/10th a second...here's the Exif info:

2005:04:10 18:23:35
61mm (in 35mm film)
Subject dist: 3.00m
1/10 sec, f/10
Mode: Manual
Metering: Center-weighted average
ISO: 100
White balance: AWB
Flash: Off
File size: 201KB
Image size: 640 x 533
Saturation: Normal
Sharpness: Normal
Contrast: Normal
Attached Images
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I just did some waterfalls today with my s7000, which is simillar to yours in features. Get into manual mode, set your f-stop to a larger number (if it's like the s7000, f8 is as low as it goes). Then try your shots when the sun is weak, or just add an ND filter to the front of the lens. You want to extend the time the shutter is open, so you want to let in very little light. Use the tripod, and for my money, use some type of remote to fire the camera. Don't just push the button with your finger. If the 5100 is like the 7000, you'll have a range in the bottom of the screen that looks something like this:
"+ ------*--- -"
Move the indicator a little right of center, but not too far. At least on my 7000, I think the center position tends to over expose and blow out more detail than it should. But heck, change it up and play with the settings a little until you find the shot you're looking for. Eventually you'll figure out what works and what doesn't.

That's my 2 cents anyway.
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