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DO you have a s5500 and if so can you take panoramic photos with it? I cant see on the spec card that you can. I want to get this camera becoz of the zoom x10 and wanted to get a sandisk xD memory card for it but was told I would not be able to take pans! was I lied to so I would buy the more expencive fuji card?

many thanks :-)

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Any camera can take panoramic photos, but you need a program to stich it together, I use a program called autostich. Just do a search for it and it is free to use.
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i cant answer your questin, sorry, but i have a question for u. if u can help me. ive posted that the lens of my s5500 is a little bit moving up/doen/right/left when out or in. a little bit wobbling i guess. and if i shake the cam a little bit or rotate it i can heare the lens moving (wobbling).ure cam did the same?

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Some camera helps you to stitch photos during the process of taking photos.
But S5500 does not provide such panorama function in its camera. So you have to take several overlap photos and stitch them with a computer program.
Remember to set the same exposure for all photos to be stitch. It is better to set to manual mode for all photo exposure and also the white balance mode.
It will be good to make sure that the view we are taking do not have too much highlight or shadow. Early morning & late afternoon are probably the best time.
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The only cameras that I noticed had panaramic assistance in the camera were a few of the olympus cameras (c-765 and c-770). But like joel said you can get great software to help you do that. Good luck! I have the s5100 which is the american version of the s5500 and I love it! Very accurate colors and the 10x zoom is so much fun!
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