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Default Fuji S602

I've been thinking about getting a second digicam and have been reading a lot about the S602. None of the camera stores near where I live carry the Fuji S602. One of the things I was wondering about is shutter delay. The Olympus C-720 I have has a very noticable delay between the time I press the shutter release and when it actually captures the image. I've lost quite a few good shots due because of this. Is there a noticable shutter delay on the Fuji S602 or is this something that is inherient to digicams in general?
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I do not have any problem with shutter lag outdoors. Indoors, hardly any. I think the 602 is a great camera and the one I use the most.
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never had a problem

shooting skiers,rockstars, etc
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All digicams have delay, the 602 is faster than most. It has a big internal picture buffer. It can do repetitive shots and movie at 30 frames per second. So where you ask is the delay?

All digicams have to auto white balance and auto focus, which means driving stepper motors for focus. This happens in the first fraction of a second. Most shooters half press the shutter to get the focus/white bal and follow through with the full press to take the shot. I now always use postview to confirm a shot. Yes, that takes a short while to write to the lcd, but saves your bacon if the flash didn't fire, the AF didn't work or the exposure was way out.

If this really worries you, for fast action shots you always have the last 5 frame or continuous mode, then there's manual focus and preset white balance for Brownie Box shooting speeds.
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