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Default Fuji S602 NiMH batteries not working.

Hello all,

Can I please get some recommendations on NiMH batteries for this camera that will work? I purchased 2 sets of DigiPower AA from CompUSA and charged over night. Neither would work with the camera. Regular (alkaline) batteries worked with it fine. I noticed that the batteries were 1.2 volt instead of the typically 1.5 volt for AA. I returned them and noticed all the NiMH batteries of other brands were 1.2 volt instead of 1.5 volt. Is this a problem with this camera? If someone has good luck with a particular kind I'd appreciate hearing from you. My one set of alkalines won't last long. :-)

Thanks for your time.

-- Jeff
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I have many different sets of NMI batteries at all capacities. They all work in three digital cameras. The difference in capacity just means how long they will last.

Are you sure that they were properly charged? While it seems silly to ask, did you correctly place them in the camera? I have reversed batteries and it took a couple of tries to get it right. The markings on the cameras for battery placement aren't necessarily the clearest.

If the camera works with AA throwaways then it should work with rechargables.
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I've actually marked the battery cover edge on my 602 with a white marker, so I can get the batts in the right way round in a hurry and at night! The small difference in voltage doesn't seem to make any difference with my batts. Perhaps there's a step up regulator following the battery pack, also used for the dc in?
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Have you checked if your charger is in fact charging the batteries. Insert the batteries in a flash light if you do not have a volt meter or any other means of checking the battery output
Good Luck..Rafael
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I tried a different charger and different kind of batteries and they worked great. I used a Rayovac charger and Energizer 1850 NiMH batteries and the camera works. I guess the Digipower batteries and chargers are just not a good brand. The Digipower supposingly charged the batteries in 4 hours and the Rayovac took overnight to charge. The Digipower batteries did successfully light a flashlight though.

I look forward to a lot of good use with the 602. Now, I'll just have to get another set of NiMH batteries to have on hand.

Thanks for everyone's help.

-- Jeff
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