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Default Fuji S602..question about large pics with the pixels

I am about to order that camera. I wanted to be able to take pictures of my daughters paintings and make them into about 16 x 24 size. I heard that if you use the up sampling that the pics dont turn out as good. I really like the camera and all its features. I havent found one yet that is as good for the price. I know I wont get a camera to do everything I want. But I wondered about making larger pictures. What do yall think?
Thanks a bunch.
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I have a business associate who uses a Minolta Dimage with good results. It's not the 5 MP latest model, but one that he bought a year ago. It turns out pretty good results for art prints that we image on our wide format Epson 10600 w/Archival inks.

The only thing, is that he's had lots of photo experience and has a setup in his studio with the proper lighting, umbrellas, backdrops, camera tripod mount etc to get those good results. He has a lot more tied up in his studio equipment than in the camera. I tried my Nikon 990 in his studio setup and the results were not too bad on one occasion. In my own office, the results are not good at all. His lighting techniques and equipment are the answer.

I also go to another professional studio to have paintings shot into a digital format. It's generally about $50 for one.

I may try my new S602 in the studio one of these days to see how it works out.
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Default Thanks

I went ahead and ordered the camera Sun night. It came on Wed. I am sure we will be happy with it.
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Where do you intend to have you prints made at 16 x 20? Talk to the people there about upward extropolation of the largest image that you can record, if indeed its necessary.

When you take the picturers you want to get as much of the subject recorded as you can without space around it. The more of the actual subject that is recorded the better the final print will be. If you have to crop you are shedding information.
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