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Ok, I have been searching the forums, and now I am more confused than before. I bought an s7000 a year ago, and I just cannot get past the fact that raw files are converted into 8 bit tiff files at72 dpi using the software provided from Fuji. Would the photos be better at 16 or 32 bit, and 300 dpi?

I tried some tests in Photoshop 7, and changing the image size from 72 to 300 dpi without re-sampling the image, it changes the size from 56.2w x 42.2h to 13.4w x 10.1h. The pixel dimensions do not change.

What is the best way to get the picture to the dimensions I want (8x10 / 5x7 / 4x6)while preserving the best quality for printing?
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Hello Bertt, As nobody has answered your question yet, here goes. This confusion about dpi is very common. It is not a camera resolution, but a setting that determines the print sizes.

As you noticed, changing the dpi does not alter the camera image pixel resolution. In practice, as you ask, there is no need to get picture dimensions. Most software used for printing, or the print lab, will use all the image pixels for the print size selected. Depending on the print size, and the & pixels available, this will result in a certain dpi.

Have a look in the Konica Minolta forum, where another user had similar concerns about dpi. In his post dated 28 March, titled "Dimage Z2, always 72dpi there is more detail.
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Hello Bertt ... I'll try to add a bit ... The camera has not a clue what a dpi is ... dpi is basically an output term. ... as you note at 72 dpi the 12 MP native resolution of the S7000 would produce a print, or screen, image roughly 56 inches by 42 inches.Few folks print, or view,at that size, so it is not too meaningful. I think the 72 dpi number came up originally back in the 14 inch monitor VGA days ... the 640 x 480 resolution at 72 dpi just about filled a 14 inch monitor screen. Cameras, as an input device, do not determine the output parameters ... your video adapter, or printer will do that better than your camera. The S7000 creates 12 million pixels and from there you can just about anything you want to do with them.

Good luck :|

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