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Default Fuji S7000 ?'s

Hi folks !

Ive been reading these forums and the site for over a year but this is my first posting. I started DigiPhotography with an Olympus Camedia 2500 CL and loved it. I am still hard pressed to find a camera I am more comforable with or one that at 2.5 Megapixel outperforms it in its class. However I recently bought the S7000 and am 75% happy with it ... I have noticed a few things I am hoping some of you may be able to help me out with....

1) Aperature Mode - Doesnt seem to be working at all regardless of if I shoot at F8 or F2.8 DOF seem the same?

2) Noise - Excessive noise at 100% ? Very grainy and not at all natural... Is this normal?

3) Focuz/Zoom Ring - Much tooooooooo fine... Is it me or should the level of granularity on the ring be much more coarse?

4) Shutter Lag/AF Lag - Huge problem for me ..... once locked on focus performance is mediocre... w/o composinbg and locking focus horribly slow ..... shutter lag is also make me miss a lot of oppurtunities....

Is anyone else having similar issues? I ordered the Canon 300d and am considering either giving the s7000 t my wife or just returning it and calling it a wash.....

I do love the feel of the camera in hand and build quality seems great but the draw backs seem pretty significant...
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anyone? bueller...bueller...?
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Default I didn't have those issues

I had almost no shutter lag. The focus would also quickly lock in. I did have an issue when I first got the camera and used an older simpletech CF which only had a write time of 1.5MBPS. It would slow down trying to write those large files to the card once the buffer was full.

Yes at 100% 12MP there will be a lot of noise because its really a 6MP camera. However if you resample the 12MP images to 6MP you will see their is very little noise. You don't have to resample when printing or putting on your monitor because they will do that when they process the images. If you do crop them to 100% and veiw them, you'll be disappointed. View them at 66% and you will see a big difference. The 6MP setting on the camera compresses the images quite a bit and the 12MP seems to be much better since it has a fine setting.

The zoom ring works great for zoom but for manual focus its very slow. Its more like a fine tunning feel and not what I have seen with SLR.

I have taken a bunch of great photos with the camera. I also considered the Rebel but I have to admit I prefer using the LCD monitor over the Electronic Viewfinder when I take pictures. Many purist will disagree with me on that point but that put the Canon out of my choices.
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I think I can only complain about that noise pollution on every picture taken with 3MP and up. It seems that ISO 200 is not a happiest solution for Fuji S-series do to the fact that all competitors are loaded with ISO 50,100,200,400,800. Pictures taken with Nikon, Sony or Canon at ISO 200 are the same quality and I will probably say Fuji will be a winner there ..... the problem is Fuji doesn't have anything under 200 and this will turn off some many potential buyers!

Brian from Toronto
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