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Hi, i've been reading these forums for days before deciding to buy a fujifilm finepix S9500. That was almost a year ago. Now that i've been experimenting a lot i want to try macro photography.
The problem is that the (super)macro option on the camera requires you to get pretty close to the subject (1-3 cm for supermacro), which both scares the subject (incects etc..) and blocks out light.

So i'm thinking to get myself a macro / close-up filter. The problem is i don't know what kind. There seem to be different diopter values ranging from +1 to +10.
I've read that the +1 diopter filter was 'meant' to be used on zoom lenses op to 200mm.
My camera: "6.2mm/66.7mm / 28mm - 300 mm on 35mm equivalent"

The rule seems to be to divide 1000mm by diopter value (eg. 1000 / +1) to see what focal length you'll have.
Yet, if i would use a +1 filter for example, i still wouldn't be able to get nice & big shots (shot from 1m distance) of small thing now would i?

I'm just asking, what's your advice ? I'm thinking to get myself a +5 close-up filter, or would i be better off with a +10 macro filter ?

Thx, Steefje.
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I would start off with something like a Canon 250d or 500d ,4 and 2 diopters, before you go crazy and try something as insanely powerful as 10 diopters ...

You can always stack them to +6dioptersonce you have masteredthe basics..

As AA Katz says in his macro chapter of the H1 whitepaper, http://www.aakatz.com/h1whitepaper/part12.htm

The Canon 250d is the "powerhouse" close-up lens. It gets you really, really close in. This is the "eye of the insect" lens. But it is much harder to work with than the other two (part of the cost of trying to get very, very close macros). I usually recommend that beginners hold off on this lens until they become more proficient at macro photography. It is not for close-up shots, only for true macros.
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k, thanks for the advice, i won't go too crazy just yet
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You can get a set of close-up filters from Ritz camera. It includes a +1, +2, and +4 diopter filter, which can be stacked. They allow you to get closer, and in focuswith the lens zoomed, than is normally allowed. The set comes in a nice case and I've found that they work well when you want to stay back from your subject, but stillhave an "close-up" image.
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Ritz camera would have been a great option if i would live in the us or canada, you even get a 10 $ discount when using google checkout. 'Unfortunately' i live in belgium, a country that really lacks good onlineshops and which is quite expensive when buying in normal photographic stores.

I think i'm gonna get me a B+W +5 close up filter (for starters), i know they're not of such great quality as the canon 250d and 500d like sintares said, but keeping in mind that i'm just a photo-enthousiast/amateur and i have a small student budget, i think this is the best choice.

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You can always try ebay for a bargain.

I got my 500d for less than £20.

However be careful of the cheap deals on close up filters you canfind.

The reason its best to get the 500d 250d or the Sony is they have twoelements (achromatic design) to the lensinstead of the cheaper kind that only have one.

The 2nd element helps to control distortions and color aberrations common among these kinds of lens.

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