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I have just bought a fuji S700 - It takes two types of cards the xd picture card or micro drive. Since the camera comes with only 16mb xd card i have to get memory fast. I noticed that the micro drives are much bigger in size and much cheaper in cost. I was wondering if there are any drawbacks to using micro drives rather than xd cards - somebody told me that they are slower to save to. Is this true ??

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The S7000 can use CompactFlash media (you don't have to buy a microdrive to use this media slot).

Chances are, the Microdrives will be slower than either xD-Picturecard or the faster CompactFlash cards. Although quality is much better with the newer drives (making sure you stick with the Hitachi drives and not the Magicstor drives), they are still mechanical devices (so, there is always a possiblity ofmechanical failure). Also, your model does not appear to support drives or mediain excess of 2GB capacity. So, keep this in mind when shopping.

From tests I've seen with your model, xD-Picturecard is your fastest memory option (but, it's also the most expensive).

If it were my camera, I'd be inclined to go witha CompactFlash Card (something around 24x or faster), unless I *really* needed the extra speed of xD Picturecard. From tests I've seen using Lexar CompactFlash, anything much faster than 24x Cards won't be any faster in the camera. But, if you can find a newer 40x or 80x card at about the same price, you'd get faster transfers from it using a Card Reader (and you may buy anothermodel later that could take advantage of the extra speed).

It looks like about the best you'll do with CompactFlash is around 1.3-1.4 mb/second to the card (with xD-Picturecard clocking in at around 2.4 mb/second) with your model. Apparently, it was "optimized" for use with xD-Picturecard.

Personally, I'd go CompactFlash (it would be fast enough formy needs).

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I had a couple of Xd cards, but needed something with more space, after talking to a pro photographer that has an S7000 as one of his back up cams, I decided to go with a Hitachi 2 gb microdrive. He uses nothing but microdrives and has never had a failure, I looked at his setup at a show I was at, looked at both pics and video on his laptop that he had shot with S7k/microdrive, sold me.

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Just for posterity, I bought a 1gig IBM microdrive and it packed up after one year's use. $220 down the drain. NowI only use solid state.
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Hi Terry,

If I remember correctly, after Hitachi bought the microdrive from IBM, there was a redesign to make them more robust (among other changes), these changes appear on the 2gb and 4gb drives. And the price is lower these days, you can find 2gb Hitachi microdrives for $180-$225, and I expect the prices to drop farther as the Seagate 2.5gb and 5gb (about $150) enter the retail market in the first quarter of 2005. While the drives can break, so too can solid state devices fail. While you certainly had a failure, almost everyone I have talked to using the 2gb and 4gb Hitachis has not had a problem. And before anyone brings up the fact that the S7000 can only use 2gb (without resorting to "tricks), a 2.5 drive could be formatted as a 2gb drive just as the 2.2 gb Magicstor drives are. I will continue to use Hitachi microdrives (and maybe Seagate in the future), I see too many benefits and very few failures to change.

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