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P4C- it does seem to be an issue for the X-10 and the XS-1 2/3" sensor only...
as opposed to the HS20/30 1/2" sensor.
A bit off topic- but given that the HS10 and 20 has a nigh on identical body,and the same zoom range- it seems curious that the HS10 uses a 1/2.3" sensor and the HS20 uses a 1/2" sensor..... hmmm...!!
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HS-20 does not have white orbs like these on X10's pictures.
I suppose HS-30 wouldn't be affected too, the sensor on HS-30 seems the same like the one on HS-20.

PS : Simon, I've not read your comment while writing this one, so I've repeated your words about HS-20.
As an addition I'd like to say about your question for the zoom ranges and the sensor size, I've read on a French website review for HS-20.
Where this theme was examined, and the answer is ... the HS-20 is not 24-720 mm
The true range of HS-20 is approximately 22-660 mm.
I can find the site, if someone likes to see it there.

My pictures

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yes this whole white disc problem is extremely frustrating and embarassing.

Oh well. Lets wait until next year guys for X20 and XS-2 lool.
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