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Default FujiFilm F80EXR Advice

Hi all

I currently own a FinePix A820 and i even though i love it i am off to Vegas in a few months and want a camera that will take better night shots.

I have narrowed it down to 2, Canon Ixus 120 and the Finepix F80EXR, these both fall in my price range. After reading reviews i am almost 99% going for the F80 but the ONLY thing that puts me off is will it be to complicated for me?

I want to take the camera out and take some shots at night without having to have extensive knowledge of changing this and changing that??? Also when i come back form holiday i want to put the pictures on a dvd so all my family can see it, and from what i have read the best low light pictures will come out at 6million pixels....will these look any good on a big tv??

so basically will i be able to take good pics with this camera without being an expert??

Thanks for any help

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The image quality of the f80exr is far better. If you set it to exr mode for night, you should be fine as an automatic camera. I sent you a private message with 2 links for comparison.

i Been looking at this camera myself and most likely will buy it.

If you don't like exr mode, try what this guys suggests

some guys quote from another forum-
"during the day the camera takes very good photos on EXR mode.at night low light i dont trust exr auto, it puts iso so high hence reducing photo quality.i ve tried to set HR iso auto[400]and with compensation its great..also SN auto[800] produced relatively good photos..another selling point of this camera is pro lowlight mode very good.another good thing is at night you can use night [tripod]very good with slow red eye flash,if your hand is steady you can also use this mode without tripod and indoor and night pictures r great.i ve found camera very good but you need to study it first.remember high iso does not mean better quality infact the lowest iso in camera called iso base give best quality…if you can take photos not eceeding iso 400 unles on pro lowlight mode…this camera will reward you. "

If you understand this camera, you will definelty enjoy it by far. if you can't understand why it behaves the way it does and if your very new to picture taking, it can be sort of annoying but This camera is really by far better than that canon.

I have a s200exr, I can take indoor shots really well in manual mode without using flash and higher noise iso is really great. That quote i gave you should give you an idea of where to go. Look at the sticky http://forums.steves-digicams.com/fu...-exr-cams.html for other information as it does apply and when you feel more comfortable with the camera.

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Many Many thanks for your reply, i do totally get what your saying, and to be honest i think i have to get the fuji because i like the fact that i will have a better camera when i get used to it, my problem is this mate.

If i set it to EXR mode for night does this knock the pixels down to 6 million?? if so would these be good enough to show on the tv to all my family when i do a slide show????

See if i get this camera, all i really want are decent shots for NOW but i have read on this forum that if you just stick it on auto it produces poor shots? now when people say poor, how poor do they mean? i mean will it still always out perform my current Finepix A820? Even in auto?

I appreciate that you have to put the time in to get the best out of this camera and thats why i will most likely get it, because it will do me for life as it seems to do everything i want when i put the effort it, i am just worried that if i stick it on auto with 12 million pixels i will get really bad results.

Attached are 2 pics of night shots i took on my A820, these to me are great and if i can get my new fuji to do these then i would settle for that, the reason i am changing camera is because the A820 was hit and miss, ie most were blurred.

Thanks again

Attached Images
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Have you looked at the canon s90, it is the best pocket size point and shoot for low light photography on the market with the larger sensor. I only has a 3x zoom and HD. But no other pocket point and shoot can match it but the G11 and panny LX3.
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I have looked at the canon S90 its a little bit out of my price range to be honest. I guess all i need to know is will the F80 take a better night shot on auto than my current A820?

I mean i have heard people say it takes poor pictures on auto? what do people class as poor? look at my attached pics, are these what people will class as poor? because obviously i think they are great and if thats the case i will be more than happy if the F80 can take pictures like this on its Auto level.

The reason i have not plumped for the Ixus 120 is i want my camera to be able to grow with me, thats why i have dont really want to go with that, but of course i dont want to go backwards from my a820 on the auto setting on the F80.

Thanks again for all help

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