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ken_nith Aug 28, 2007 2:11 AM

Have a look at their specs, mega pixel, Lens range, aparture, ISO range, shutter speeds, CCD size, storage media XD & SD, they are all the same.

I'm wondering, are they develope this camera together ? looks to me that the hardware is pretty much the same. So what about the firmware? any difference ? Does anyone knows ?

I had a Fuji3800, thenFujiS5000,now CasioEXP505. Wish to jumpback to Fuji. S6000FD is a very nice. But I dun really like xd card, so I'm on hold. Just wish that S8000 has the zoom ring lens like S6000fd.


gaul Sep 15, 2007 5:15 AM

They are just close competitors..

mtclimber Sep 15, 2007 6:34 PM

No, Gaul-

I really don't see them as close competitors at all. I have higher hopes for the Fuji S-8000, than the Oly SP-560. I own the SP-550 and it has been a bust. at its full zoom, the resolution is just not there. So I am not expected much more from the SP-560.

Sarah Joyce

Argelius Sep 16, 2007 9:00 AM

I'm also interested in the upcoming Fuji S8000fd 18x superzoom and am comparing its specs to the Panasonic DMC-FZ18.

I see the Fuji has a 1/2.35" CCD (as does the Olympus SP-560uz) and the Panasonic has a 1/2.5" sensor (as does the Sony DSC-H9).

All other things being equal, is having a larger CCD "better"?


ken_nith Sep 17, 2007 7:08 PM

Check this link out,

there is a guy in Japan bought S8000. And posted some test photos.

If the links above does not work, find a thread in> forums -> fujifilm talk ->s8000fd first pics (by a gentleman namedAllan Briggs, many thanks to him)

Also just posted the manual of S8000.

ken_nith Sep 17, 2007 8:13 PM

Gaul, do you have any proof that Fuji & Olympus are not working together on S8000 & SP560 ? (No offend, I'm seriously thinking about buying S8000, and I want to know more about it)

Long time ago, Fuji & Olympus have developed cameras togther. The model are Fuji (Endeavor/Fotonex 4000) & Olympus (Centurion). APS cameras. Back in late 199X

According to this article:;_Centurion_S

"Olympus also made the Fujifilm Fotonex 4000ix SL camera, based on the Centurion and with almost identical technical specifications but within a slightly different shaped body."

Beside Cameras, who is using XD cards ?

I believe that the Lens & the mechanical parts are the same. So what about the sensor and firmware ?

FYI: For people who wants to buy S8000 -

I've briefly read thru the S8000 manual no words about filter & conversion lens. SP560 has a lens adapter (CLA-10) on the accessory list.

monsieurms Oct 6, 2007 1:05 PM

they are pretty similar, and obviously share some development in common.

However, there are some differences.

For instance, the Fuji takes SD and SDHC cards, while the Olympus doesn't--that was actually the issue that made me pull the trigger onthe Fuji while passing on the Olympus.

But for the fact that the Fuji does not seem to take a UV filter, I am happy with the 8000 so far.

JH2007 Oct 24, 2007 1:38 PM

Sadly S8000fd doesn't take any UV filters.

It takes SD, SDHC and xD cards, and these cards are not all the same.
I found the old slow type M xD cards are plentyful and gave up looking for the others quickly.
So I looked for SDHC, I found many old and slow SD cards (2MB/s).
I would've purchased Sandisk Extreme 4, or Sandisk Ducati but they're not out yet.
I did find & purchased an Sandisk Extreme 3 SD card (20MB/s transfers).
I have noticed that this card is faster saving the images than the internal memory.

It has a great variety of burst modes.
I used the 15 pics burst mode inside, & noticed the indoor pictures are dark and lack detail. (shrug)
But the other burst modes work just fine, indoors and out.

I too wish that S8000fd had the S6000fd the zoom ring lens.
The zoom control is no different than the S3100, and its too bad they didn't build it with pressure sensitivity (the further you push the toggle the faster the zooming).
Once I set digital zoom on, I felt that I had a lot more zoom capablity than similar priced cameras.

But the end result images are better quality than the S6000fd.
And after bouncing through 4 stores with hands-on camera displays (and spent a few hours trying out various cameras) I was basically comparing the S8000fd to the Canon S5 1S in the end.
I find that the S800fd has better picture quality, more zoom, several Burst modes, Macro and Super Macro mode and the natural&flash setting.
While the S5 has a moveable LCD, easy access Macro switch, Hotshoe and I think it can take filters.
The decision maker for me was the fujifilm 3 year warranty.

I didn't see the Olympus SP-560 UZ or the SP-550 before purchasing the S8000fd.
So I can't say if they're the same, but after looking at the Olympus website it sure looks the same (except Olympus only takes xD memory cards)

I should mention that the lens cap just pops off (& no damage done) if you accidently power on the S8000fd.

I am happy with the 8000 so far too. :G

monsieurms Oct 24, 2007 1:44 PM

SDHC cards come in different speeds. The fastest is Class 6. For those with the need to shoot multiple shots fairly quickly, that is the only purchase that should be made.

JH2007 Oct 24, 2007 3:18 PM

I agree that the fastest transfer memory cards are the most desirable.

I only experianced the darkness issue while indoors at night in low level living room lighting, and only on the 15 pictures burst mode with the rest of the camera on Auto.
It may work properly under these conditions in the hands of someone who can utilize the camera with manual settings.
P.S. the 15 pics burst mode Auto works fine in daylight.

But for laypersons like myself, where to start (Extreme/133x/150x/c6/etc...)
Obvously the cheaper new, or the older SD cards are ~2Mb/s = 0.25MB/s (apples to apples)

I know that the Sandisk Extreme 3 SD is 20MB/s.
Which seems the same as 133x, 150x, 180x (depends on manufacturer).
( I will not even mention the slower speeds like: 40x, 60x, 80x, etc... )
But then there is class 2 = 2MB/s , class 4 = 4MB/s, and class 6 = 6MB/s

SDHC (SD High Capacity) are the new SD cards larger than 2GB

I just wanted 2GB card to start, until the Extreme 4 (40MB/s) SDHC cards come out.
NOTE: 2GB can not be SDHC as HC means High Capacity.

The Fujifilm S8000fd manual shows a picture of the Sandisk Extreme 3 SD card.
I didn't know the picture was there until after I purchased the camera and SD card.

Like I'd mentioned before, this memory card is more expensive than some.
But it is even faster than the internal (built-in) memory on the S8000fd.

I've noticed that PC and Camera memory is the first part that people cheap out on, and it's probally the #1 part that everyone should fork out the cash for.

I wonder if owners of Olympus SP-560UZ experiance the same performance boost?

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