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One_Eye_Ed Aug 10, 2003 11:38 PM

FUJIX/NIKON DS-515A DIGITAL SLR CAMERA everyone ; does anyone reading this OWN a FUJIX/NIKON DS-515A camera?

I " know this is not the proper place " ? in the forum to ask for info on a " FUJIX/NIKON DS-515A Dig. SLR.." ..but where do I list my new topic questions?

Do I go under FUJI ( for the FUJIX) Actual manufacturer...and/or NIKON (as "their " name is on the camera too.)

I am hoping that at least 1 person ( maybe many more) will answer this question for me....I have my DS-515A on it's way to me..and I would like to know where can I find the specs sheet on the battery charger /AC Adapter for this camera.??

I have searched the net over & over..and even found a " PDF " of this camera ( WOW only 4 pgs. in length.) NICE but not very helpful.

The camera will not be accompanied with any manual . It has 2 ( uncharged) batteries...and without any means to charge I can't try this camera out.

If ANYONE knows if this camera " charges its batteries " with an AC Adapter plugged-in to the camera itself ; or need a SEPERATE charger ...I would appreciate the help..Thanks... Ed~

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