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sfu_engineer Jan 4, 2006 2:02 AM

Hi! I am new to this forum and would just like to ask a quick question. I am a begineer photographer and was looking at the S5200 which sells for a relatively cheap price here in Canada. While looking I saw a person selling a used S5100 camera with 256Mb XD, 3 filters, wide angle lense, and 2x Zoom lense, and 8 rechargable batteries. Just wondering which is a good deal?

- $460(Canadian - includes taxes)
- brand new with 1 yr warrenty
- no memory card, will be additional $50 for 512MB XD.
- much better ISO selection, lower noise, antiblur, natural lighting mode

- $350(Canadian - no need to pay taxes as its used)
- used with under 1 yr left on warrenty
- 256MB XD card
- filters
- wide angle lense
- 2x Zoom lense
- 8 rechargable batteries

Which is better? Any input would be appreciated. THANKS ALL.

jphess Jan 4, 2006 10:44 AM

That is a rather difficult choice to have to make. I purchased a 5100 last year and took it to Alaska on a vacation. We were all very pleased with the pictures that we got. I don't know that the extra megapixel count will make much of a difference in the 5200, but the noise reduction, higher ISO settings, and the RP technology might make a slight difference in some of your pictures. But in my opinion you would not go wrong with either one of the cameras.

rinniethehun Jan 4, 2006 8:52 PM

To answer your first question, I don't think either one is a good deal. The S5200 @ $460 CAD is about equal to $400 USD. I can buy a S5200 from Dell for $319.20 USD, and I have a Dell 10% coupon, which would bring that down to $287.28 USD...come to think of it, I may have a 15% coupon here someplace...hmmm...Anyway, I think if you shop around a little, you can do better on that price.

Buying a used camera would tend to make me a little skittish...unless you know the individual and have a chance to try out the merchandise before you buy...I don't know...The extras seem nice, but are the lenses Fuji or some off the wall no-name brand that would be akin to screwing the bottom of a Labatt's bottle onto the end of your camera? Filters can be good, but if they are cheap pieces of crap, they're absolutely useless. And who knows what condition the rechargeable batteries may be in? You might think you can't screw up an xD card, but you could.

The S5100 is a great camera - I own one and love it. The S5200 has apparently improved on a lot of features, such as a larger sensor, faster startup time, shorter lag time, higher ISO capability, and a larger LCD.

To answer your second question, I'd go with the S5200...the higher ISO and the shorter lag time has got to be worth the extra money.

Good luck.

the Hun

nickphoto123 Jan 4, 2006 10:45 PM

I bought three used cameras at various times and they proved to be defective.

I don't buy used cameras as a result. It took me getting burned 3 times.

Themoney saved buying used is not worth the worries to me.

I rather be the orginal owner with a warranty.

This applies to me, not everybody else.

There is an old Polish saying "Cheap is expensive".

Regards, Nicholas

sfu_engineer Jan 5, 2006 2:29 AM

Thanks for the quick replies people. I was able to lower the package price to only $330 Canadian. Not bad! It sucks in Canada and especially Ontario where we have a 15% tax. Also it sucks that when we Canadians import from the States they charge us a crazily high customs fee.

So far I am very happy with the performance of the S5100, which seems much sharper than my dad's Fuji S2 Pro (DSLR). Also I have previously purchased cameras used before with no problem. Plus I have reciept and warrenty from a camera store incase I need to get repairs done.


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