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Default help - I cannot move my photos from the camera

My first foray into the digital world was the purchase of a Fujifilm Finepix S1500. I believe I followed the directions correctly when I inserted the photo card. Apparently I did not or there is a defect somewhere because all of the photos are saved to the camera. I downloaded the software to view the photos that came with the camera. I downloaded photoviewer updates. While I can see the photos on my computer in thumbnail format, I cannot open them, move them, or otherwise manipulate them off the camera. I have received several messages: one directed me to download the photoviewer update (which I did and it didn't help); the most recent message states "A device attached to the system is not operating". I have approximately 600 awesome shots of my last trip to Rome. HELP (please).
Many thanks to those muc wiser and more experienced than I. I am an old school slr girl!
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I don't quite understand the question. If all of those 600 photos are 'saved to the camera', which I highly doubt because no digicam that I know of has that amount of internal memory, then they should be accessible by simply connecting the camera directly to the computer. It wouldn't hurt to try it, but I don't think that's the problem.

Try this instead. (I'm going to assume your computer uses some version of Windows here.)

Plug the camera's memory card into the computer's card reader. Does anything happen?

If nothing obvious happens, ie, a dialogue box doesn't pop up indicating the drive you just opened, go to My Computer and see if you can find it there. The card should show up as a drive labelled with a letter under 'devices with removeable storage.' If there's more than one, just click on each until the one you're looking for opens. If it does, you should be able to access your pics. Good luck.
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G'day RgRaz

Presuming you're shooting as in-camera JPEG images, not Fuji RAW format I would follow Toshi's advice as well
I would also abandon the Fuji download software and use Bill Gates's qwik 7 simple stuff.
My reason for this is simple ... the Fuji software will automatically put each collection of images into a folder called 'todays date' ... and if in 6 months, 12 months from now you can remember which date you downloaded the image you now want to find, then your memory is better than 99% of the others on this planet

I suggest you do several simple things -
Inside "My Pictures" you create a series of folders titled with headings that mean something to you .... "Rome trip 2011" being one of them
Then do a simple [now it's the same as word-processing] cut & paste of the images from the camera card and into the target folder

If you want more info, come back with your Qs ...

Hope this helps
Regards, Phil
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