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I've got a new camera to use, it's a S700/S5700, before I had the canon A650 IS.
That was a good camera, AND the biggest thing I liked was the Canon high powered flash attachment available... thus the fact that i'm addicted to it... hmph, haha.
So I was googling high-powered flash for the camera, with no results, if you know of any high powered flashes that works with this camera, please post them.
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Since there is no hot shoe you cant attach another flash directly to the camera. I suppose a slave flash is all you can use. And they come as powerful as you have the money for.
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Old Jan 18, 2008, 12:23 AM   #3
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yeah ok, I looked around and found this forum:

But how would these slave flashes plug in to?, usb port?, I don't really know since the canon was wireless, also I need a store!! haha, i'm in my home in Newfoundland now, a TINY town, so there's not really any camera-directed stores here.
I need to find a slave flash that provides 30 ft (at least of flash strength..) hmmm
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A slave flash doesn't have to be connected to the camera. It has a sensor that detects the flash from your built-in flash that makes it fire. It would be a good idea to go to a photography store and see if you can experiment with a slave flash with your camera. Some cameras produce a "pre-flaash" that will cause the slave to fire too soon. And there are some slave flashes that are programmed to ignore that pre-flash. I haven't used a slave flash for many years. But when I did, I was able to get some very nice portraits. That was way back in my film photography days.
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You may have to go to St. John's to find a camera store in Newfoundland.

Here's my setup. The big flash on top of the optical slave is triggered by the little flash on the camera.

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