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Default high zoom camera

I have settled on these 2:S3200 equivalent to 24 - 576mmor the S4000 equivalent to 24 - 720mmboth 14mp, low price.Better value than comparable Canon, Nikon, Oly, Lumix.However, response I got on other forums is that eventhough these Fujiscost less, they are not as high quality as the Canon or Lumix. I was considering the Kodak Z990 as well for its huge zoom.http://www.jr.com/kodak/pe/KOD_Z990BK/but its 2mp less and $40 more.

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I suppose everyone must get their fill, of super-zoom cameras. And afterward something like my Canon G12, or a DSLR for better high ISO images. Which in time supersede long zooms.

I suppose given the urge, I definitely would avoid Panasonic, and their high noise issues. Kodak and Sony are the same. Canon seems somewhat indifferent to the superzoom craze right now.

I've always had good luck with Fuji's in the past, but I can't vouch for the present batch. I am really glad I recovered from superzoom sickness.
Steve Owen.
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G'day Rom

Your thoughts are okay mate - even tho steve above seems a bit negative
I have used fuji + canon + panny superzoom cameras ... each has +s & -s

I enjoyed the fuji - 14x zoom ... shot about 90,000 images over 5 yrs till the on-off button failed, excellent lens, easy to follow menu & its 6mpx sensor did not show any noise
The canon SX-1 - 20x zoom ... the camera lasted 6 weeks before it was disposed of - its rotary dial combo menu push-button settings was a disaster, and the 20x lens was 'not exciting'
The Panny FZ35 - 18x zoom ... has an excellent lens and menu system, tho the 12mpx sensor shows too much noise any time it the light levels fall a bit. The panny has shot about 16,000 images over 2-1/2 yrs

From the above experience I would say that any superzoom lens up to about 15x will give you very good results. Lenses over 15x are questionable - and from others I have played with tells me that [some] of the 24x & 30x zooms are "convenient but not exciting"

Whatever camera / lens combo that you choose, please do so carefully - and keep asking Qs :-)
Regards, Phil
Has Lumix mirrorless & superzoom cameras and loves their amazing capabilities
Spends 8-9 months each year travelling Australia
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Default Use for camera ?

What kind of usage are you planning for this high zoom? Birding/wildlife, airshows, etc?

I've had a Panasonic FZ28 for a couple years, and have loved the high zoom for the types of shooting I mention above. However, I just purchased an Olympus XZ-1 because for no/low zoom and lower light levels I have been disappointed by the image quality of the Panasonic. And as Phil mentions with his FZ35, lower light level on my Panasonic seems to be almost anything other than a sunny day. We get a lot of cloudy days around here.

If you don't mind a big camera that's as heavy or heavier than some DSLR,s you could look into the Fuji S200EXR. Although it has only 14X zoom, it has a much larger sensor than most superzooms and will have significantly better image quality and low light capability. It's price is currently right around most superzooms (just over $400), though more than the Kodak. I considered the Kodak, but it seemed hampered by sluggish/inconsistent operation, and in 2011 I just can't tolerate that.

I wouldn't worry about the difference in resolution for anything over 10MP. But 10MP is more than enough for me to begin with. I have printed out good 8x10 photos from a 3.3MP camera and been fully satisfied, but there are some from my 10MP camera I wouldn't print at 4x6. The difference between a 16MP image and a 10MP image is only about 26% more lines of resolution horizontally and vertically.

As Phil says, each camera has it's + and -. Unless price and size (or on the reverse end, image quality) are no object, I don't think there's a camera that truly does it all.
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I've been having excellent results with the Fuji HS10 and HS20. I shot over 32,000 images with my original HS10 and have already shot over 11,00 with my HS20. I shoot for a local newspaper as well as fire and rescue type stuff and for fire-rescue stuffI need a long zoom at times and the HS10 and HS20 have been providing me with great images. I will admit the images get a little soft at 27x+ on the HS20 and at the full zoom on the HS10.

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Originally Posted by aaroncgi View Post
Although it has only 14X zoom, it has a much larger sensor than most superzooms and will have significantly better image quality and low light capability., I don't think there's a camera that truly does it all.
It comes down to: larger sensor and smaller zoom; or bigger zoom and a P&S sensor.I like to see what I am shooting and focusing on, so a 24-30x zoom looks better than having to crop in the future. Thus, 30x w/14mp beats 14x with 12mp on an SLR sensor.
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