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look at the total-value of the evaluations of the users


Are there defect cameras on the way?


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I don't have one of these cameras, and probably won't be able to get one for quite a while. I remember reading somewhere along the line that the 9000/9500, using the default settings, produced softer and less saturated images than many people expect. The comment about this was that many "average" consumers want more saturated images that are almost to the point of being exaggerated. I don't know, I haven't seen one of these models. I have only been following the discussions here on the forum. All in all, the camera will not produce as well as a digital SLR. It seems to me that some people are expecting SLR-quality results and performance and are disappointed when they aren't getting that. I have made up my mind that I want one of these cameras. Right now I'm just trying to figure out how I'm going to pay for it. I can tell from the sample images that I have seen from various sources that the camera will produce much higher quality images than my 5100. I like my present camera. But like everyone else, I always seem to want more.
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It seems not everyone is pleased with the 9000/9500. But I sure am! What you tell about the settings is true. But that can easily be adjusted, both in-camera as in post processing. There are some duds around, so beware, I had a did too, and had it exchanged within three weeks. Now my s9500 works like a dream.

My previous cam is a Nikon c990. This camera has a high 'wow' factor. Photos always looked better on the screen of the PC than they looked on the camera. But that is typical for these camera's: they deliver shots that are already processed in camera. But now it is really gathering dust. It is too slow (shutter lag!!!) and the resolution is only 3 MP. Enter the s9500! Believe me, after looking around and comparing cameras for three months, my wife celebrated I finaly made a choice.

The s9500 didnt have the same wow factor at first. Until I realised, that looking at 100% on the PC is quite different for both cameras. And I now adjusted color and sharpness to my liking, and I am not afraid to apply some post processing myself.

This is how it looks: http://www.vocalfons.com/MyFirstFuji/

any comments are welcome
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