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Default HS-10 HDR Image Question

Hey, I just got my first camera (HS-10). Im a student and always had a thing for taking pictures but unfortunately it was always with someone else camera... Untill now Anyways, Im a total newb when it comes to pictures. I am in shock to see some pictures that have been uploaded here. I would love to know how you create the blurry background and crystal sharp object. I have always loved HDR pictures and i really want to learn how to create them myself. Anyone give me some advice for the settings that need to be applied for my SH-10 to achieve HRD Photo's

Just got it yesterday from Henrys Canada for $450 CAD
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Default Welcome

Hey kertest,

Welcome here, I'm new too, but I think you are at the right adress here. I think you should check out this post:


There is some good advise over there from the (a bit more) advanced users.
You can find some good advise about exposure here: (from Ed Bray)


Good luck with your brand new HS10, I can't wait too see your beautiful pictures!
I hope I have one in a month too

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the following conditions increase background blur:

1 the closer you are to your subject

2 the more you zoom in

3 the wider the aperture ( = the smaller the f number)

4 the larger the sensor (can't change the facts though, the HS10 is a small sensor camera)

Shooting HDR is the same with every camera. Use the autobracket function (read about it in the manual) to get the same photo at three different exposures, and merge them in an HDR program (like photomatix). You could also use the manual mode, and adjust the exposure yourself; that way you can broaden the exposure range. Best to use a tripod, to minimize 'frame shifting' which results in the program being less capable of placing photos exactly on top of each other.
Happy Shooting! GB
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Yea, Thanks for the tip guys but I'm a little confused;

When Im in Manual Mode, I can change the Shutter Speed and the F/.
In Auto Mode, I can change the F/ with the +/- Function. but i cant change the shutter speed.

So basically what im saying is How can i do HDR if in manual mode I cant up the exposure by -3,-2,1,0,+1,+2,+3

I hope someone understand what im trying to say. I might also be making a fool of myself if im missing something completely obvious

EDIT: Ohhh, So i keep all the settings in Manual Mode, Then Add AE BKT EV Steps; +- 1, will take one shot over and one shot under? would 2/3 or 1/3 take more shots?

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I think if you have the camera in P S A or M you can use AE bracketing mode that you can adjust the balance by up to 2+/- ( correct me if I am wrong as I am new to this as well!) It will then take a snap at each level.
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