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Default HS10 First Fireworks of the Summer!

To All,

I was able to shoot two separate displays tonight from the roof deck of our condo building. Used the preset "fireworks" setting in "SP1" this time around to see what the camera would do "on its own". It auto sets the ISO, sets f8, and allows for some control of the exposure time. Shots were taken at four seconds and at three seconds. Range to displays was two to three miles. You can see the effects of the exposure length with the "wavy" lines coming at the start of the exposure as my finger was releasing the button and the straighter lines as the camera (on a tripod) quickly settled down. Any chance of a firmware upgrade adding support for a USB cable release???

Any suggestions for next weekend when I am attending a major display in terms of A vs. S vs. P? Will definitely be able to use a faster speed and shorter exposure time.

Harry Zee
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I'm actually quite impressed that the "fireworks" setting auto-chose ISO 100!! I'm waaay more used to camera "auto-settings" racking up the ISO into the stratosphere - very nice!

I second that firmware upgrade, but perhaps that ought to go into a separate thread - I dunno if Fuji even reads these things but I don't think they'd see it in a thread titled "fireworks "
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Yes, I was also surprised when I saw that ISO 100 was chosen!

I have taken some increasingly "good" fireworks pictures over the last three years with my "trusty" Sony DSC-H2 and will see next weekend how the HS10 compares when "upfront and personal" as opposed to last night's " off in the distance" shots.

As for the usb/cable release comment, my right shoulder was still sore at the time I wrote that from having to keep my hand elevated for an extended period to trip the shutter so the question was quite appropriate. The tripod was cranked all the way up to help clear the treeline and I had the lcd extended and tilted downward to facilitate "looking" at the shots.

Having its own thread(with the remote chance that Fuji might actually read it) is not a bad idea.
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Nice shots! I agree with Anni. And, I have already responded to your shutter release thread.
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