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I just wanted to know what is the impact of the chip on the printed pictures.
Is there a difference in the prints between these two Fuji models (s6000 and s9100) and what is it?
Also, what is the biggest (good quality) print you can get from these cameras?

I am asking this, because I want to byu one of these cameras and hopefully be able to make prints up to A4 format or even 10x15 inches. If it is possible.
I want to know if there is a difference between a 6mp and a 9mp camera. Maybe the noise problem at high ISO in the s9100 makes them a not so good option for printing images. Or the extra 3mp makes them better for daylight pictures and equal for low light pictures.

Thank you for the help

p.s. I know that to some people this might sound like a stupid question, but I am an amateur and to me there is no sence to buy the more expensive camera (although it has 3mp more if it produces the same quality in print).
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It is not a stupid question at all. Everyone wants the assurance that they will be able to use the camera for their intended purpose. Unfortunately, I cannot answer your question directly because I have never handled the 6000. The two cameras that I have are the older Fuji 5100 (4 MP) and the Fuji 9000, the predecessor of the 9100 that you are asking about.

Kodak Easyshare, a pretty good online processor where you can order prints, says that to print 20x30 inch prints they require an image that is at least 1200x1600 pixels. That means they require an image that is at least two megapixels in size. I have had them print a 20x30 inch print from another five megapixel camera, and it turned out quite well. So either one of these cameras that you are considering will produce the size images that you want.

Comparing my two Fuji cameras. I have occasionally printed photo books using a website, mypublisher.com. The pages are something like 12x15 inches. The full-page images from either camera have turned out nicely. So either camera you are considering, again, have the capability of printing the images you want.

As far as printing at home is concerned. 8x10 is the largest I have the capability to print. I get good large prints from either of my cameras. Having the 9000 with the extra megapixels has allowed me to crop images considerably and still get very clear prints. I cannot crop images from the 5100 as much and still get the same quality.

A lot of people complain about the noise in the 9000 and the 9100. I suppose such an assessment is highly subjective, and depends on the demands and expectations of the user. I have had some very nice results from night photography with my 9000. The noise that has been mentioned hasn't been an issue at all.

My suggestion would be for you to choose the camera based on the features that you feel are required. Then, take the time to really learn how to use it. Try all of the different modes, use different ISO settings, experiment with EV compensation and white balance. Find out what the camera will do. Either camera has the capability of producing what you are looking for. The problem I have discovered is that no camera will, by itself, make me a better photographer.
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The largest I have printed from my 9100 was an 8x10 and it was incredibly sharp.
I'm sure it would make a really nice 11x14 without any issues.

Probably could go larger and still be acceptable.
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Thank you for your response. Right now I haven't decided yet, but concidering the reviews and forums that I've visited, I'll probably go with the 9100. It looks like there isn't much between the two cameras. But I like the layout of the buttons on the 9100 better (faster toggle between features). Even the noise level looks the same up to iso400.
Some reviews say that no IS is a big minus for these cameras which makes me wonder how did people make good photography before the invention of the IS system.
I guess that the IS is ok, but not desicive for making good shots. The camera provides and the photographer uses its advantages. It's never vice-versa.

Thanks again and I hope that I'll post some nice shots soon.
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